Get creative this Valentine’s Day with unique gift ideas from Adobomall

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Roses and chocolates might be timeless Valentine’s day favorites, but you know better than to get your special someone anything but special. Express your affection by taking a break from the cliché and getting them something personal; something that speaks how much you know and care for them.

Here are some unusual but nothing short of romantic gift ideas available in Adobomall:

1. Marshall speakers – dance the night away with your loved one with the Marshall speakers, available in Digital Walker. If music has been instrumental in you two coming together then this is the perfect gift idea.

2. B&S Car Accessories - It’s been a wonderful ride all year between you two, and it’s only fitting that you shower some of that love to your better half’s other love—his/her car. It can also mean that you mean to go further and to more places with your honey.

3. Go! Pet Food – Tell your significant other about the extent of your love by expressing that you care just as much as they do for the furry friends that have a special place in their hearts. Studies show that people are more satisfied in their relationships when they know that their partner feels the same for their pet. Take heed and get that premium pet food at Exclusive Pet Resources.

4. Life Aid – Show your appreciation and gratitude for the work that your SO put into their physique with Fit Aid Workout and Active Lifestyle Recovery drinks. Being supportive to your partner goes a long way and will tighten the bond that you two share.

5. Aqua Minerals & Botanifique– Express how much you adore their beauty by giving them something that makes them feel good and look better. Choose from the extensive selection of premium products from Aqua Minerals & Botanifique Natural Skincare for Valentine’s day.
6. Fitbit –if you’re a couple who loves spending time together, doing meaningful things then a Fitbit fitness device is perfect for you. It’ll help you two discover new things to stay active and can deliver the message that you care about each other’s fitness.

7. Good Food – While you can’t get any more creative with chocolates, another classic that you can share with your Valentine date without looking trite is fine dining. Food truly is the way to someone’s heart especially if it’s a cuisine both of you have been dying to try for some time. Check out exclusive menus and vouchers from first-rate restaurants Sobremesa, Sasa, Splice and Sangkap available only in Adobomall for that special date.

Valentine’s day might come off as one of the most predictable time of the year but that doesn’t mean you should run short of ways to surprise the most important person in your life. There’s so much more great finds and exclusive deals in Adobomall, enter the country’s first and only online shopping mall, to find just the right gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day.

Adobomall will be holding a special Red Letter Day sale from February 8 – 12, so hurry and don’t miss the chance to impress your significant other in time for the day of hearts.

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