First Look at Nadine Lustre's Perfume: LUSTER BY NADINE

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

JADINE fans, I'm sure you're all excited for this because I am excited as well. Even though James Reid is not included with this latest update from Nadine, I'm sure James gave some additional nods to Nadine for this one. 

The teaser photos of Nadine Lustre surely gave us big wonders on what is she up to and she has finally broken the mystery behind the hashtag #LadyLuster

Introducing your new fragrance obsession, Luster by Nadine.

Luster is a limited-edition fragrance created by the actress herself. It takes inspiration from love potions, and it's basically a sweet and floral scent that according to Nadine 
"will make you fall in love again."

Check out Nadine Lustre's super fierce and sizzling pictorial for 
Luster by Nadine.

Check out the video as well:

More details soon or if you want to order, check out this link:

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