Destined to be Yours Worldwide Premiere on February 27 via GMA Telebabad

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Almost everyone that I know are excited to the worldwide premiere of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza better known as "ALDUB" for their first ever standalone teleserye entitled "Destined to be Yours" via GMA Network's Primetime slot.

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones together with the Bloggers and Kapuso Brigade to watch the first episode of Destined to be Yours. Just like in the past, I praise GMA Network's social media team for coming up with this viewing party because at that moment I can feel the "kilig-overload" of everyone while they're watching plus the set up was really nice, we even have unli-ice cream care of Magnolia ice cream! There were also fun games for everyone during the gap.

Denise Barbacena was also present during the viewing party. She was the one who sung the official theme song of Destined to be Yours entitled "Tadhana".

ALDUB truly made waves when they became a hit via Juan for All, All for Juan Kalyeserye. Not everyone were prepared for that kilig factor this new love team eventually created, soon after, the rest was history. After movies, endorsements, shows, it's finally time to give the fans what they've been waiting for. A Teleserye just for their beloved ALDUB.

For Alden Richards who have been doing teleserye for quite sometime can easily project himself in front of the camera as for Maine who will be playing her very first teleserye managed to naturally act and blend well with the other veteran actors. Maine's character as Sinag is a bit like her in real life - spontaneous, you can see how much she loves her family and why she is holding back when it comes to LOVE because she experienced something not worth experiencing LOVE again. I'm sure there will be some who can relate to Sinag, to the point of being bitter when it comes to love because she just wants to guard her feelings. Maine can easily fit in in this series because ALDUB is fit for a ROM-COM kind of projects. Light, funny with sweet scenes and a bit of drama scenes. 

The story might be typical for some but most of the love teams in the country have gone through this type of story as well the only difference is that, Maine will surely make it more worth watching because of how she will attack her role, among all the love teams in the industry, she is the only who's not afraid to make fun of herself and still look cute in all aspects making her more adorable to all her fans and soon to be fans of ALDUB.  The enselble of cast will hone both Alden and Maine to their fullest, bringing more color to the teleserye, just like Juancho Trivino's role. It will be a nice love triangle since Juancho is a good actor as well. 

The location was good, they chose Quezon and showcased the artistic side of Sinag's family. 
As days go by I'm sure the story together with the artistic shots will be more showcased plus the fact that you can now look forward to seeing ALDUB 5 nights a week is a plus. 

Don't miss the worldwide premiere of DESTINED TO BE YOURS on February 27 after Encantadia!

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