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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just recently, finally, I was able to watch The Girl on the Train and just like my fascination with Gone Girl, I was intrigued with the movie. I love watching these kinds of movie, thriller, since you will be able to exercise your mind with reasoning and play detective while the movie progresses.

Of course, both movies have different story lines but the best of all, both movies stands out because of the lead characters who played their role perfectly. Rosamund Pike played her role perfectly in Gone Girl as the woman who did had her revenge savagely, after experiencing something traumatic on her past while Emily Blunt battles on exposing the truth about her ex-husband after a murder happened in the vicinity where she once lived.
Both actress where extremely good at what they do, specifically when it comes to suspense-thriller movies. 

The Girl on the Train is based on the 2015 best-selling novel by British author Paula Hawkins. It tells the tale of a lonely, alcoholic divorcée — Rachel Watson, played by English actress Emily Blunt — who becomes entangled in a missing-persons investigation that sends shockwaves through her life.

After watching The Girl on the Train, I got interested searching their shoot locations.
Many of the psychological thriller’s exterior scenes were shot in Tarrytown, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings-on-Hudson, Ardsley and White Plains.

While the movie's dark storyline matches the book’s, the blockbuster novel is based in London and a town called Witney.

In the film version, though, the locations are shifted to Manhattan and the fictional village of Ardsley-on-Hudson, with the latter actually a hamlet of Irvington. Many of the interior scenes were shot on sound stages in Yonkers. Blunt's accent was just about the only British aspect left standing.

The houses of the other main characters — Tom (Justin Theroux), Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) and neighbor Megan (Haley Bennett) — figure prominently in the film; in reality, they are side-by-side on White Plains' Macy Avenue. In another scene, Megan can be seen jogging down the same street. Filmmakers also shot inside a classroom at Ardsley's Our Lady of Perpetual Help school and the Double Tree by Hilton hotel in Tarrytown.

Meanwhile, in Hastings, the sites included Southside Avenue and the train station's platform, overpass and parking lots. Also in Irvington, some of the film's eeriest scenes were filmed in the woods surrounding the village's reservoir.

Check out these 7 scenes from the film's trailer that match up with actual spots in Westchester:

1. Station Road Tunnel, Irvington

This one-lane tunnel in Irvington's Spiro Park neighborhood is one of the longest in Westchester County and just ominous enough to feature prominently in several scenes, including this one, which shows Rachel walking out of it. Filmmakers actually painted the inside a darker color to make it even more fearful. The tunnel is 10- to 15-minute walk to the Irvington Train Station.

Emily Blunt's character, Rachel, straggles through
Emily Blunt's character, Rachel, straggles through Irvington's Station Road tunnel, which is below the path of the Old Croton Aqueduct. 

2. The Ardsley-on-Hudson Train Station, Irvington

Emily Blunt's Rachel is seen running from the building after a confrontation. The movie's construction crew built a lovely portico above its stone pillars, which are the last remains of a pedestrian bridge that connected the station to the pre-war co-op across the street. The walkway was destroyed when an oversized garbage truck crashed into it in 2010. The portico was up to Irvington's construction codes, so it was allowed to stay after filming ended.

3. Pilates and More, Main Street, Dobbs Ferry

This studio in Dobbs Ferry is where Megan goes for her class. Look closely when she exits the studio onto Main Street, across from the firehouse, and gets some disparaging looks from her fellow Pilates students.

4. Platform at the Ardsley-on-Hudson Train Station

Although screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson situated "The Girl on The Train" in a fictional village, Ardsley-on-Hudson is a very real place. This sign on the MetroNorth platform is seen behind Rachel as she waits for a train at night.

5. Fisher Lane Bridge, North White Plains

There's a fleeting glance of Rachel under this one-lane bridge, which leads to the North White Plains train station.

A scene from "The Girl on The Train" filmed at the
A scene from "The Girl on The Train" filmed at the Fisher Avenue Bridge in White Plains 

6.Irvington Public Library, Irvington

When Rachel runs up the stairs to the police station, it's actually the Irvington Public Library, located in the Burnham Building. The inside of the village's Town Hall stood in for the interior of the police department in the film.

7. Ardsley Avenue West, Irvington

Emily Blunt runs down Irvington's Ardsley Avenue West,
Emily Blunt runs down Irvington's Ardsley Avenue West, on her way to the Ardsley-on-Hudson station. 

In the trailer, you can catch a quick glimpse at Rachel as she runs down this hill toward the Ardsley-on-Hudson train station. 

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