Glaiza De Castro on her 29th Birthday and as Pirena, the Sang'gre of Encantadia

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"...pag nakikita ko siya sa TV, galit na galit ako sa kanya, sa sobrang galit ko napapanaginipan ko na siya sa inis ko." -  An elderly said as she talks about how she hates Pirena that much in the much talked about and top rating Fantaserye of GMA Network Encantadia. Glaiza couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and happy all at the same time because hearing this remark makes it all sense, that as an actress, she is doing her role right and perfectly. She nailed it. 

Glaiza de Castro celebrated her 29th birthday at Abiertas House of Friendship which is a  non-government organization in the Philippines that provides temporary home for needy women and girls, especially unwed mothers, and protect them from the ravages of all forms of immoralities. It was established on November 21, 1930. 

 Glaiza expressed how much happy she is that she gets to spend time with the elderly of Abiertas House of Friendship and in return everyone excited to meet the legendary Pirena of Encatadia. Glaiza told them that she appreciates it so much that they're all supporting Encantadia and they even told her ow pretty she looks like in person.

The Lolas prepared a song number for Glaiza and gave her a birthday greeting as well. Some of Glaiza's loyal supporters were also present during her birthday and even gave a heartfelt greeting to her saying that they will continuously support Glaiza through the years, they also wish that she will be more successful on her career, a movie and an album in the future too.

It was Glaiza's birthday indeed but instead of receiving gifts, she's the one sharing her blessings to everyone present during her birthday party at Abiertas House of Friendship. 
According to Glaiza, she is blessed for having this chance that even once a year she can do something that is memorable and worthwhile. 

2016 is definitely Glaiza's year and is will continue to glitter as she looks forward for 2017. According to Glaiza, even though all she is busy with her role as Pirena, she also miss singing, last year she released an album entitled "Synthesis", this year she wants to launch new music videos and write more songs. Glaiza also mentioned that she wants to do movies as well whether it may be indie or not, it's a go for her.

Of course, we didn't pass up the chance of asking what will happen next in Encantadia, at that time we interviewed her, it was not aired yet that Amihan (Kylie Padilla) died in the said episode. Glaiza said that they really don't know how the show will progress because there's a lot of twists in the story, good thing is that they have a director who manages to make the story even more interesting every night which is why people should really hang on to the show. Glaiza mentioned that she is even more closer to the other Sang'gres namely Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez and Kylie Padilla. 

Speaking of Kylie Padilla, we also got the chance to ask her about Kylie and Glaiza said she is very happy for Kylie not that she is engaged because just like everyone else, she saw the glow in her eyes and how happy Kylie is right now. She wishes her luck on the next stage of her journey and that she will continue to be her friend no matter what.

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