Fresh, new faces for Ever Bilena brands

Saturday, January 28, 2017

PBA athlete Mac Belo and actress-musician Arci Munoz join forces as the newest endorsers of Blackwater, the fragrance brand of Ever Bilena.

Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, is opening the year on a fresh note as it welcomes a new breed of young endorsers to represent the brand and its sister lines, Careline and Blackwater.

Widening its reach to the millennial Filipina market, the cosmetics brand named former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Loisa Andalio as its new face. With her charm and feminine personality, the PBB alumna acknowledges that make-up is an important factor in enhancing her features.

She shares, “I’m happy to be chosen as the new endorser of Ever Bilena. As a teenager, I have always liked beauty products, and I enjoy doing my make-up so I know what color shades work for me. Ever Bilena has fun color palettes that suit my personality well.” 

Also joining the list is teen actress Andrea Brillantes who has been selected for Careline for mirroring its cute, colorful, and girly brand image. She’s a teenager who isn’t afraid to stand-out by experimenting with different makeup looks, which she showcases on her Youtube channel. 

“Since I was a kid, I was always putting on make-up. At our old drugstore, I would apply make-up and pretend that I was a model,” says Andrea. “Like Careline, I am also fun, colorful, and trendy. It’s a brand that I can use everyday.”

Aside from the cosmetics that most women need, Ever Bilena has created Blackwater, which caters to the busy and active men and women. 

With their hectic schedules that constantly require them to be on the go, versatile actress Arci Muñoz and PBA athlete Mac Belo were the perfect choice to take part in the line-up of Blackwater’s highly regarded endorsers.

“Tapings can be unpredictable. Sometimes I have to stay under the sun for long hours, andIget really sweaty. It’s important to keep Blackwater with me so I always smell good and feel fresh.” shares Arci.  

Switching from actress to main vocalist of her band Philia also allows her to play up her scents according to her mood. She says, “During gigs, I tend to jump and move around a lot so I pick scents that are strong-smelling like Blackwater Women Activ. On casual days, I choose fragrances like the Blackwater Women Flora because they’re delicate and feminine.”

Likewise, Mac Belo admits that part of being an athlete is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He says, “I avoid pork and foods that are oily. I also get at least eight hours of sleep so I’m able to perform well during games and trainings.”

He also confesses that being healthy means keeping a good personal hygiene. “As an athlete, I train and work out every day, and I also sweat a lot. I take a shower before and after training because it makes me feel refreshed, and to keep me smelling good even while training, I use Blackwater’s body spray for men.”

The launch of the new endorsers definitely ushers in an exciting 2017 for the make-up fans, beauty buffs, and fragrance and grooming enthusiasts. 

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