We Don’t Need to Sacrifice Safety and Freshness with Ready-to-Cook Meat Products

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Times are indeed changing. Unlike in the last decade where mothers lavishly prepare the family dinner, today’s trend has changed cooking habits to simple and easy. The fast changing times have curved our dietary habits to the convenient and instant. The pre-prep food industry has gained traction over the years and is playing a crucial rule in the day to day dietary habits of Filipino families. 

Canned food, fast foods, frozen and packed meat, have evolved to replace the freshly cooked meals that families enjoy at dinner time for the simple reason that it is easy and convenient. However, we must also remember that food quality must never be sacrified for convenience.
RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI) assures consumers of fresh and safe meat products that includes fresh, marinated, ready to cook and processed meat products with their Fresh Options Meat Shop. 

Aptly called Value Added Meats, Fresh Options carry products that are easy to prepare and ready to cook. The Merry-Nades line features marinated pork and chicken in a variety of flavors that includes garlic, sweet style and classic barbecue. Fancy a ‘crispy pata’ or Ilocos bagnet? Just head on over to Fresh Options for your Crispinoy ready-to-fry fix. For tocino, longganisa, tapa and embotido, try Fresh Options Rapsarap products.For your kid’s baon like hotdog and chicken nuggets, try Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie products. Try out the Ulam Mismo Line (Ulam Ora Mismo) for ready-to-heat Filipino meals like Dinuguan, Beef Kaldereta, Bopis, Pork and Chicken Sisig, Beef Mechado, Chicken Curry and many more!

Craving for Chinese cuisine? Try Fresh Options Dimsum Basket for your Pork and Chicken siomai, Chicken Feet, Quekiam fix! Want to impress your guests with some chef’s signature recipes? Don’t miss Fresh Options Chef Series line of ready to heat meals like Chicken Galantina, Beef Rendang, Crispy Pata Paksiw and many more!

Fresh Options’ processed meat products and ready-to-cook items are guaranteed fresh. RDFFLFI allocates a portion of slaughtered meats as main ingredients of Value Added Meat products that go directly to the processing plants and cooking areas. The ready-to-heat meals have a shorter shelf life to ensure that the products are “Siguradong Fresh! Siguradong Special!"

RDFFLFI takes pride in providing consumers with safe meat products.Founded by veterinarian-entrepreneur Dr. Robert Lo in 1985, the company is a medium-scale agri-food system enterprise that has an end-to-end integrated food supply chain that includes livestock breeding, feed manufacturing, meat processing, and distribution to food service delivery. A pool of veterinarians on-site monitor and secure proper husbandry practices at the poultry and hog farms to ensure that they are healthy and free of diseases. High-quality feeds developed in-house through years of research are also fed to the company’s poultry and hogs to ensure they will contain less fat and leaner meat.

This season, try Fresh Options’ nochebuena bundles and enjoy amazing discounts!

“Our company is committed to providing better access to high-quality food from farm to table to our Filipino consumers. This is made possible by investing in innovation and ensuring that safety is paramount in all our process of handling the meat products, starting from the source up to the table,” shares Dr. Lo.

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