Mike Tan Celebrates his 29th Birthday with the Elderly plus his New Teleserye

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mike Tan celebrated his 29th birthday early this year and what better way to celebrate it than to share his blessings to others. This year, Mike got the chance to spend time with the elders at Infinite Blessed Home Care located at Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City.

This is not the first time Mike spent a worthwhile birthday. In fact, every year he always looks forward in spending time doing charity work because according to him, this is the only time that he can also share his blessings to others. The venue this year for his birthday is just as perfect since Mike said he is very close to his grandparents as well. Having a close knit family made him appreciate more his grand parents and how they nurtured his well being until he grew up. 

Mike Tan got the chance to have an intimate chat with the lolo's and lola's of Infinite Blessed Home Care. Each of them has a story to tell and Mike eagerly listened to their stories while sharing gifts to them and eating with them as well. Another surprise is when Mike sung a few songs for them to make the afternoon even more fun. 

Right now, Mike Tan is part of the newest GMA Afternoon Prime teleserye "Ika-6 na Utos. 
He will be working side by side with the country's top actors and actress which includes Ryza Cenon, Sunshine Dizon and Mr. Gabby Concepcion. Ika-6 na Utos tackles about life of married couple and how important fidelity, loyalty and trust is in the family aside from love.

Mike Tan will be playing the role of Angelo. According to Mike, their show is something that mirrors the society and people will learn more about the story especially on how to handle this kind of situation if ever it will happen to them. Mike said that he is thankful that GMA continuously gives him challenging roles. When asked if he is willing to be part of an Indie Film, he said that it is only one of his bucket list as an actor, although he really wants to and there have been offers, he wants to choose that perfect role that he can portray once he agreed to do an Indie Film and he wants it to be something really worth watching, challenging and unique. Hopefully this 2017, he can do an Indie or Mainstream Film.

  Mike also shared that even though he is busy at work, he also wants to take time in taking care of his body and health. Since he is a swimmer and also joined Aquathlon this year. Aquathlon is a two-sport event which includes a 400 meter freestyle swim and a 5k run to finish. He started swimming as a fitness regimen and sport two years ago and now he’s taking it to a new level by trying out more challenging competitions. Hopefully can join again come 2017 and would also like to try running as a sport. This 2017, he also plans on doing some hiking and mountain climbing, he might go with his friend to Sagada before the year ends and also wants to travel local travel destinations.

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