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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Money is tough earned. It’s the fruit of hard work and at the end of the day we always want to reward ourselves with something worth it. But most of the time, if we don’t have cash on hand, there should always be an option on how to pay something we need to buy. In the olden times, people trade cow or chicken just to buy something.  In the Modern times, Credit Card is definitely a must. 

If you’re in the Business industry, accepting credit cards is one of the best decisions a small or big business can make. If you only accept cash, you're missing out on sales big time. But for many business owners, the hardest part is choosing a credit card processor.  You need a service provider that can process payments, keep track of who paid-what and when, and lets you settles the issues and disagreements that are bound to occur with something as sensitive as financial transactions.

With hundreds of credit card processors available and with the many ways businesses can accept credit cards, it's easy to feel like you're in over your head.

The best credit card processor is one designed with your small business's unique needs in mind. It not only allows you to pick and choose the types of services that are best suited for your products and services, but is also budget friendly and doesn't enforce stringent requirements or restrictions just because you're a small company. 

Merchant Account Solutions offers the lowest credit card processing fees to all types of businesses-small or big. Making the right choice when it comes to merchant account service providers, for example, can make all the difference in the world. You want to pick a merchant account service provider who offers great options like a free online merchant account while still maintaining good prices and low fees overall. 

Founded in 2007, Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is one of the most innovative, fastest growing payment solution providers in the industry. As one of the largest merchant acquirers in the nation, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced systems and technology the industry has to offer like the following:

Wireless Terminals
Retail terminals are the best choice for merchants who make a lot of face-to-face sales, such as retailers, professional service providers, hotels, and restaurants. MAS offers a wide variety of retail terminals absolutely free to our customers.

Nurit 2085
The Nurit 2085 is a perfect terminal for merchants wanting to process credit card transactions over an analog (traditional) phone line. The versatility, reliability, simple operation and functionality makes this terminal one of the industry’s most popular.

Smart Swipe
Wherever your business takes you, card-paying customers can pay you using your iPhone, iPad and ipod touch. All you need is a Smart Swipe mobile card reader and your device turns into a credit card terminal.

Features include, signature capture, tip functionality, tax calculator, memo’s in history, cash transactions, text and email receipts.

Their Item control feature allows you to add pictures of your products or service and set the price per item. You can also add special notes and descriptions for each product.

Way 5000
The Way 5000 supports credit and signature debit. Optionally, it can support CVV verification as well as cash receipts.

Capable of Running Multiple Applications
It is the first wireless terminal to support gift cards. The Way 5000 runs on a GPRS network and includes a blue tooth printer for customer receipts.

So when it comes to wireless credit card reader, Merchant Account Solutions offers offers a comprehensive and affordable credit card processing service for all types of businesses plus they have the best credit card swiper too. 

Accepting payments don't have to be as tough as that sounds. Today, there are a wide range of services that can manage payments, charge subscriptions, and let you focus on making the best products possible while still getting paid for them. All you need is to figure out which one fits your business the best and Merchant Account Solutions is definitely on top of the list.

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