Chooks-to-Go honors MVP, Smart in new Gilas Pilipinas partnership

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

To Filipinos, basketball is a way of life. Soccer is supposed to be the world’s most popular sport but in at least two countries on the planet, basketball is No. 1 in the Philippines and Lithuania, that is according to my Google research. 

There are many reasons why Filipinos love basketball. First, it’s a fast game and Filipinos like a sport that’s dynamic, tactical and entertaining. Second, it’s easily playable. There are makeshift courts on sandlots and neighborhood nooks all over the country. Third, it’s accessible. Fans can come up close and personal with players. The court has no barriers at least on the floor level. Fourth, it’s a living. Basketball is a means of livelihood to thousands and opens doors to a better life. Fifth, it’s physical. Basketball is a contact sport and Filipinos like it when athletes compete down to their singlets and jerseys without protective armor. And lastly, it’s a sport that invites widespread participation from the grassroots level upwards and is ingrained in the school system.

Gilas Pilipinas, the country’s national basketball squad, has become famous for its unique brand of basketball, as it turns a collective heartbeat each time the team steps on the hardcourt. In recent years, the team was able to own the term “puso” when they put up a tough fight against more fancied opponents in the global basketball arena.  

The solid support from Manuel V. Pangilinan and Smart Communications united the entire country in one hope that Gilas Pilipinas will finally triumph. 

Check out MVP's message for Gilas Pilipinas

For 2017, as the team suits up for its renewed quest, Chooks-to-Go joins Smart to reinforce Gilas’ campaign in its quest to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

The new partnership was launched during the “#ManokNgBayan” event, which Chooks-to-Go hosted for MVP, Smart and Gilas Pilipinas. 

“It is only right for the entire country to recognize the selfless and overwhelming support of MVP and Smart of Gilas Pilipinas. The journey united the country and gave Filipinos hope that we can compete with the best in the world” said Ronald Mascariñas, president of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., the company that operates Chooks-to-Go. “We are extremely honored to be given the chance to participate in this glorious quest of MVP and Smart to regain Philippine basketball supremacy in Asia. We are optimistic that Gilas Pilipinas will qualify in the 2020 Olympics, wow the world with the Filipino brand of basketball and instill pride among the Filipino people.”

#ManokNgBayan set the stage for another momentous event where three unmatched Filipino favorites team-up for the sole purpose of making a stronger impact on the global basketball arena. 

Attendees also witnessed the return of national team head coach Chot Reyes, the man behind the electrifying moments during the 2013 FIBA Asia Championships. 

Meet the Gilas Pilipinas Players as they Gear Up for 2020 Olympics 

With this stronger alliance comes a renewed hope. And as Filipinos once more, shout “puso” to cheer for their squad, the country’s bet, they’ll be now rooting for 
"ang mga manok ng bayan. "

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