Usapang Real Love Presents Relationship Goals: Aljur Abrenica & Janine Gutierrez

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Usapang Real Love episode for this month is "Relationship Goals"

GMA Networl launched ther first-ever interactive romantic-comedy series called Usapang Real Love l;ast September. Usapang Real Love or also known as “URL” is an extraordinary mini-series that connects the power of social media with romantic comedies in an interactive narrative or interacTV. Netizens who are engaged online will have a chance to be featured on TV through their video submissions. URL will feature stories top billed by Kapuso love teams where each story will be told in four weekly episodes. For this month starting November 27, Usapang Real Love will feature Aljur Abrenica and Janine Gutierrez.

Aljur and Janine have been paired in the past in the series Dangwa and Once Again. There's indeed a good chemistry between the two to make it this far, being paired as a love team. 
They also have a good following via social media and even though most of the people know that they both have their respective love life: Aljur now happily back with Kylie Padilla while Janine recently broke up with Elmo Magallona, both of them shared that they support one another and that they enjoyed working again together.

Janine Gutierrez talks about her role in Usapang Real Love presents "Relationship Goals", her role is Yapi, a career driven, competitive woman who focused her life at work because she wanted to get a promotion. When she finally feels that promotion is within her reach, she met a man who will suddenly change her career and love life all at the same time because this man will be her competitor on the most coveted promotion. "Ayun, from kilig-kilig mapupunta sa competition, Si Kiso (Aljur) ang makakalaban ko and at the same time love interest din. So story sya about competition, asaran, so pipili ka kung career or love, parang ganun."

There's also a background story about family since Yapi, Janine's role is bent on working hard and getting the promotion because she wants to finally go out of the country and work abroad and be independent because she thinks her family is being too clingy to the point that even though she's already in the right age, they're still over protective.

Their working environment is like an online shopping store and they're busy getting different companies to put their items and products on their sites. Janine said that she finds their show Usapang Real Love very unique and interesting because they will get feed backs from the audience too. 

Janine also mentioned that she feels comfortable doing Rom-Com, it's more natural and the feeling is really light when they shoot episodes. Although she find it really hard to shoot some comedy sinces because she calls herself "mababaw" and would always laugh at some scenes that they're taking.

On working again with Aljur, Janine said that she is happy she gets to work with Aljur again because this is entirely different. This is Rom-Com and they get to loosen up compare to their past roles.

When asked about his current relationship status, The decision was mutual, said Janine who never denied about crying buckets after the split. “Kahit ano namang breakup masakit at mahirap.” And though she’s still hurting, she didn’t think or speak ill of Elmo. Instead, she prays for the success of his acting career. “I still wish him the best. Hanggang doon na lang yun; maybe we become friends in the future,” said Janine.

Watch Janine's interview here:

Aljur Abrenica talks about his role in Usapang Real Love presents, "Relationship Goals". 
His role is Kiso, "Si Kiso may pagka-conyo sya, he's from the South. Then he met Yapi, super intense ang competition nila sa work. Because the promotion is all about getting a trip to Canada. "

When asked what is a perfect relationship for him Aljur said that there's really no perfect relationship, the thing that will make it perfect is that when you ask one another as a whole. 
When asked about his role in competition with Yapi, Aljur said that Kiso is very confident about his status at work because he has that attitude. Aljur also mentioned that Kiso is somehow similar to his traits that when he wants something, he will do anything just to achieve it no matter how it takes.

When asked if which would he choose? Love or Career. Aljur said BOTH. It's simple according to him because there are only three things that's making him happy right now, "Taong mahal ko, trabaho na nagagawa ko gusto ko at nakaka kain ako ng masarap." 

Aljur was very vocal when asked about his relationship status right now, in fact he really entertained the questions. Aljur confessed that his love for Kylie remained even after their romance turned cold in 2014. 

He added that their constant communication made them realize that they still care for each other. “We talked about things from time to time and after several times of meeting and talking for hours in coffeeshops, we felt na di naman talaga nawala yun, so we both decided to be together again. But it didn’t happen overnight, the process was gradual. No one took the first move. I think we’re just mature enough to handle things, na hindi dapat madaliin. That’s why, we came to a point na it just happened na nagkabalikan kami.”

When asked if he's ready to meet Robin Padilla, father of Kylie. He said that he is very ready, he knows that they're currently busy now because of the new baby.

On working again with Janine, Aljur said that he loves working with Janine and that he is grateful for GMA for this wnderful project for their third team up, “I can say that Janine is a versatile actress because she excels in drama and comedy. May pagka-rom-com ito kaya mang-aasar lagi yung character ko dito,” he added.

Watch Aljur's interview here:

Watch Aljur's statement about him and Kylie Padilla:

Meet the other cast:

Joining Janine and Aljur in the series that is set to air for four Sundays beginning November 27 are Sherilyn Reyes, Dennis Padilla, Maricel Morales, Mikoy Morales, Kyle Vergara, Stephanie Sol, Bryan Benedict, Lovely Abella, Nicki B., Kai Atienza and Allyssa de Real. 

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