The Escort starring Derek Ramsay & Lovi Poe Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Direk Enzo Williams is the director of the controversial and multi-awarded biopic, Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (2014). Now, he directs Derek Ramsay and Lovi Poe in the much awaited sexy and drama film of Regal Films entitled, "The Escort" which is Rated 13 by the Cinema Evaluations Board.

According to Direk Williams, the concept of the movie came from Ms. Roselle Monteverde. 
In The Escort, Ramsay plays an ex-escort, Xyrus, whose back story shows him abandoned by his mother and later in life dumped by his fiancée a few days before their wedding day. His misfortunes drive him to curse women and vow never to fall in love again.

Poe, meanwhile plays the role of an eldest child left to raise her siblings after their parents die in an accident. As the beautiful Yassi, she will meet Xyrus who tries to convince her to take on a job as an escort to a rich real estate mogul portrayed by Christopher de Leon.

During the Blogcon, we got the chance to talk to Lovi on how she anticipates the grand opening of the movie. Lovi says this is the most challenging and sexy film she's done and she doesn't regret any scene done ion this movie in fact, working with Derek Ramsay and Mr. Christopher De Leon is one of her bucket list and that she also loves working with them because they made all the scenes easy to do, they're  super nice to work with according to Lovi and they didn't make her feel uncomfortable with the delicate scenes that they shot.

Although Lovi didn't have much information about "Escorts", she relied on movies that she've watched and the guidance of Direk Enzo as well. 

Derek Ramsay was on all praises for Lovi Poe for being so professional and hardworking. According to Derek, it was a wonderful experience working with Lovi Poe because she's indeed a very fine actress and she's been longing to work with her. He kows that there are a lot of intimate scenes in the movie which is why he wanted to make sure that Lovi will be comfortable working with him with those scenes. He even asked Direk Enzo to cut one of the "intimate position" because he thinks it would not be appropriate for him to do it with Lovi.

Although he've heard some stories about the "Escort" business, he doesn't have any first hand experience about it and will not encourage anyone to be part of it as well. 

When asked how he would rate Lovi Poe as a kisser from 1- 10, Derek rated Lovi Poe 12/10. He added that in order for someone to be a good kisser, the partner should also 
be a good kisser.

We also got the chance to watch the Red Carpet Premiere of The Escort at SM Megamall and it was jam packed! The movie is indeed a bit erotic yet rest assured that you will fully understand what goes on with the lives of those who undergo these kind of business. 
Lovi Poe is one of those prime actress in the country that can very well portray any given role and she definitely does it with class! There's no denying that there is a chemistry between Lovi and Derek Ramsay.

Derek Ramsay on the other hand is still one of the most sought after actor in the industry. He can very well do an action film, a Rom-Com then shift back to drama and even a sexy movie. You can pair Derek Ramsay to any actress and still manage to build a good chemistry.

I love how Direk Enzo build a good backdrop with the roles of Lovi and Derek. The cinematic shots of the intimate scenes were nice, provoking in the sense that you will feel they're indeed doing a sexy scene yet it was not trashy and cheap.

The Escort is now showing in more than 130 cinemas nationwide under Regal Films!

Watch the trailer below:

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