#SincerelyGabbi: Gabbi Garcia shares details about her Upcoming 18th Birthday

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gabbi Garcia has come a long way from playing "sweet" roles on TV, captivating audiences with shows like Let the Love Begin, My Destiny, and InstaDad. The GMA Artist Center teen princess stepped into the limelight as the sweet girl who brought her fresh charm and undeniable grace on screen. 

Gabbi transformed herself into a fierce and sophisticated actress when she took the role of Sang'gre Alena in the iconic telefantasya of GMA Network Encantadia.

It was just a few years ago when Gabbi Garcia was introduced to the media as one of GMA Artist Center's newest and freshest faces and since then, she's been doing several projects and has been a love team of Ruru Madrid making a big following on social media sites as #GabRu. 

During the Grand Presscon of her upcoming debut dubbed as #SincereyGabbi, Gabbi shared important details about her upcoming 18th birthday and like any other girl, she wants it to be memorable and very special since she has been dreaming and wishing for this for quite some time even before then when she's not yet part of the showbiz industry telling her parents that no matter what happens, she wants to celebrate her 18th birthday and she'll do everything just to make it happen, this is the moment she has been waiting for.

Gabbi has started planning for her big event later this year and wants her family and friends to be complete on her special night. She said, “I want it, isang gabi siya na lahat ng mahal ko sa buhay nandoon. Gusto ko talaga everyone is present.”

She also plans to incorporate different activities for the program, “Ayaw ko ng masyadong traditional. I wanted to have ‘yung 18 [Roses], but not so stiff for my [style]. Basta gusto ko lahat involved.”

Gabbi has experienced attending debuts of her friends who turned 18 ahead of her, and she noticed, “‘Yung typical debut, ‘di ba, parang nakaka-bore? Gusto ko ‘yung lahat attentive dun sa debut so ayaw ko ng masyadong stiff siya; ayaw ko ng masyadong scripted, gusto ko parang impulsive ‘yung debut ko.”

As for the inspirations for her debut, Gabbi said that she doesn't have a specific peg. "Basta I want everyone to be in gowns, I want it to be classy," she said.

Her debut will be so elegant it will happen at Marriott Hotel and she will wear three gowns created by Mark Bumgarner. "Ako gusto ko talaga ever since is si Mark Bumgarner. I love Mark talaga forever. I’m a minimalist and I love his designs, I even walked for
 his fashion show.”

Gabbi added, "This will happen once in your life and since I am given the chance, I want to make it extraordinary not only for me but also for the special people who will attend my debut."

Gabbi already had a photo shoot for her most awaited 18th birthday. It happened at La Luz Beach Resort in Batangas and photos were taken by Ryan Raquino of Blufish Photography.

During the interview, Gabbi was also asked who will be her first and last dance, of course everyone's expecting for Ruru Madrid but according to Gabbi, her first dance is her Lolo and last dance is her very own Dad. As for her Escort, she's not yet sure although she really wants it to be Ruru, she want the special event to be on her own, although Ruru will be a big part of her birthday as well.

On a more serious note, she's she's turning 18, what kind of freedom is she looking forward to experience? Will she be more free to do what she wants specifically date and have a boyfriend anytime soon? Gabbi said that even though she will turn 18, it will only make her even more responsible with her actions since she is still under the wing of her parents and she respects them more than anything else in the world, she added that she wanted to focus more on her career since GMA Network has been very generous to her and she also wants to finish college which is one of her bucket list as well.

When it comes to Ruru, Gabbi saidf they're very close friends and if ever he is really courting her, she said, "Kailangan nyang paghirapan yun". Although Gabbi admitted that Ruru gives her extra care compare to everyone, they're that close since they're inseparable, they're together every time because of Encantadia and for now, both of them need to establish themselves first. When asked what gift would she be expecting from Ruru, Gabbi said that, Rurur has always been the one who is thoughtful, he always give her gifts but she's really not expecting anything.

Watch the Grand Presscon of #SincerelyGabbi:

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