Si Erap, Si Michael at ang mga Manilenyo Free Birthday Concert: Major Success!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Michael Pangilinan recently celebrated his 21st birthday with a memorable FREE Concert at Rajah Sulayman Open Park and this is not just your typical concert because most of his special guests are his close friends in the showbiz industry plus the one and only Mayor Joseph Estrada.

Check out Michael Pangilinan's Performance here:

Mayor Joseph Estrada greeted Michael Pangilinan on his special day saying that he would never miss this event since Michael was always present during his campaign period, he added that Michael is very hard working and that he wishes all the best for him. Mayor Estrada also performed a song number for the Manilenos specifically the Senior citizens whop were present during the event.

Jake Ejercito was also present during the Free Birthday Concert of Michael Pangilinan. He even did a dance number with the Harana Prince together with Hashtag Nikko which everyone enjoyed.

Marion Aunor, who is also a close friend of Michael Pangilinan did a song number.

The Harana Boys were also present which includes Joseph Marco, Marlo Mortel 
and Bryan Santos. 

The free birthday concert was entitled, “Si Erap, Si Michael at ang mga Manilenyo”. Some of the special guests were KZ Tandingan, Garie Concepcion, Hashtag Nikko Seagal Natividad,  Kiel Alo, Ezekiel, Kyle Matthew Manalo,  Boobsie Wonderland, Ate Gay, Atak,   Pink Mannequins, Duncan Ramos, Wowowie Dancers, Richard Parojinog, Stefanie Patana.
Hosted by DJ Chacha and Romel Chika. 

Musical director is Ivan Lee Espinosa with Marnie Jereza and Sam Gaddi as back-up vocals. This was presented by SmartBro and PLDT Home with major sponsors like Aficionado Germany Perfume, Livergold, M Lhuillier, Erase Placenta, Harmony and Homes, Ideal Vision Center, Mama Lily and Daddy Henry Chua, Atty. Carmencita Lozada, Mr. Neal Gonzales, Mr. Art Atayde, Mr. Atong Ang, Guiguinto, Bulacan Mayor and Mrs. Boy and Precy Cruz, Ms. Josie Yu, Xentro Malls, Mr. & Mrs. Nixon and Adela Teng, 
Mr. Boy Abunda and Isabela Gov. Bojie Dy.

After the concert, the Media got the chance to have an intimate talk with Michael Pangilinan. According to him this is the best birthday he has ever experienced so far and to think that they almost lost hope that this concert will not pursue. They've gone through different venues and thankfully, Rajah Sulayman Open Park was free so they instantly ask for a permit. Michael was also thankful to all of his special guests who became part of his concert, one of them is Mayor Estrada who even gave out a special number.

When asked what his wish is, he said that he can only wish one thing that day and that is to be with his son on his special day. Michael added that he thought his son would do a surprise participation at then end of his concert but then again since it didn't happen, tearfully, he wishes that he can with his soon since he hasn't seen him for quite some time already. It's one of those once in a lifetime occasions where you wish you can be with someone that special to you and it was denied to you which is why Michael felt the world collapsed on him.

He has been in the industry for 5-6 years already and when asked what could be his major achievement so far, Michael said that one of his major accomplishments was this free concert since this is his way of giving back to his fans who has been loyal in supporting to him since day 1 plus he already did a movie and also a successful album and numerous mall shows and concerts, he couldn't ask for more.

Check out Michael Pngilinan's Emotional Interview here:

Michael Pangilinan will also be part of "Awitin mo at isasayaw ko!", An exciting collaboration between Ballet Philippines and the ABS-CBN Orchestra with a libretto by Bibeth Orteza, featuring the music of the popular Filipino music group, VST & Co. in a groovy celebration of the holiday season and a return to the Manila Sound for the families of today. Michael will be performing together with Karylle, Markki Stroem, and Kyle Echarri on December 2, 8:00PM and December 11, 2:00PM- 6:00PM.

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