Moose Gear Launches Holiday Collection for 2016

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Star Magic kiddie stars Mitch Naco, Josh de Guzman, Jana Agoncillo, Marco Masa, Ashley Sarmiento and Marc Santiago are the newest brand ambassador for Moose Gear and Moose Girl apparel. The kids were all present during the launch of the Holiday Collection.

Moose Gear is the preferred complete casual wear brand for boys. By constantly innovating its design and ensuring highest quality of material, it is a trendsetter in local children's casual fashion for almost 3 decades. It also caters to casual, trendy, and playful clothing of girls under the Moose Girl brand. 

Moose Gear and Moose Girl understands the lifestyle of buying Filipinos and their tastefor clothes and even those endorsers they would follow. This is just perfect since they are now represent by some of the most in demand kids of Star Magic.

When it comes to dressing up, not one of them are too dependent on their parents anymore. They know how to properly dress up in every occasion. All of them said that they can freely choose what they want to wear and they all love the collection of Moose Gear and Moose Girl because they love the designs and it is very comfortable to wear.

During the launch, the kids also mentioned how thankful and honored they are that they were chosen to represent the brand just like the apparel brand’s former celebrity endorsers Angelica Panganiban, Patrick Garcia, Janella Salvador, Billy Crawford and Nash Aguas.

Ashley, Mitch and Jana loves the stylish apparel of Moose Girl. It's fun to wear plus they can mix and match it with cute accessories and girly shoes as well.

Josh, Marc and Marco also love how trendy yet comfortable Moose Gear is. But who are their favorite fashion icons in the local industry?

“For me, Sandara Park is my favorite because there’s a pop of colors in what she wears,” Mitch said. Vhong Navarro, on the other hand, tops Josh’s list. “Gwapo siya pumili ng damit at astig din po s’ya tulad ko.”

Janna loves everything about Janella’s simple yet appealing fashion taste. “My idol is Janella kasi hindi po siya maarte; kahit anong ibigay sa kanyang damit susuotin n’ya na wala siyang ire-request.” Marco and Marc find Luis Manzano and Enrique Gil as “simple pero astig manamit” while Ashley loves Taylor Swift’s get-up.

 Jana also revealed who she admires dearly. “Si Xavi po yung anak ni Tita Sylvia Sanchez (and Art Atayde) kasi ang galing po niyang mag-English!”

Check out the collection here:

You can get the Holiday Collection of Moose Gear and Moose Girl from SM Store and major department stores nationwide!

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