Gani Oro, Neil Ocampo, Jimmy Morato and Samuel Pagdilao Joins 8 TriMedia Bradcasting Network via DZRJ 810 AM

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Top veteran anchors Neil Ocampo, Gani Oro, Jimmy Morato are now part of DZRJ 810AM roster of radio broadcaster together with former General Samuel Pagdilao.
This is under 8 TriMedia Broadcasting Network.

The seasoned anchors will tackle different straight to the point topics and news and would also answer some of the queries of the Filipino audience. According to Mr. Neil Ocampo, the difference of their program to the other radio programs is that they are on-point, no biases, the hottest and freshest news and would also guest some of the most in-demand names and personalities in the country.

You're probably familiar with the name Jimmy Morato that is because he used to be one of the most famous actor in the past. Some of his well known movies include Tisoy, Stardoom and Mayo-Disyembre. Although he said that he never really left the showbiz industry, in fact he is willing to portray any role if they asked him to, he explained that ever since the accepted the offer of being a radio broadcaster, he was hooked and got busy doing several radio shows for years. 

For now, he is hosting "Chachahin Mo Baby" via DZRJ 810 AM. Why the said title? Jimmy said that he heard one of his colleagues saying "Chachahin mo na yan!" meaning "tapusin mo na yan or gawin mo na yan" which landed the perfect title for his show.  This is weekdays from 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

Gani Oro is one of the anchors that most people look up to especially because he is very dedicated to his craft. According to Gani, "As long as I have the voice, there’s a microphone in front of me and a number of people who are there to listen then I’ll go on with my work as (radio) announcer and continue doing public service because I enjoy what I do,” He is an education graduate of PUP, who joined the broadcast media 25 years ago.

Gani is doing the prgram "Oro Mismo" which is for people looking for immediate answers to their concerns. Gani added that being part of the broadcasting team and also a public servant made him more aware of his surroundings, not only can he be able on radio but there are time he goes out of his way just to help others.

Radio listeners will surely be pumped up when they hear the familiar voice of Neil Ocampo. 
His program "Todo Arangkada" will be airing weekdays from 9 in the morning to 10 a.m.
He promises that he will tackle more explosive discussions and he added, "Aabangan nila sina Jejemon Tonyo, Tongressman Atras Abante, Pareng Erap, at marami pa pati si Dugong Diokterte na jokes ang sinasabi pero malalim ang mensahe. Idagdag na din si Gen. Bato-Bato Pick na crimefighter. " All of the said characters will deliver news and the approach is through public service.

When asked how they will tackle the news  equally compared to others, "We are a team here. We always innovate and try our best to keep a balance of everything — from public service to news and entertainment. We do public service in a most diplomatic way, di ako basta bumabanat inaalam muna namin lahat."

This is the first time General Samuel Pagdilao will be heard via a radio program and according to him, it takes courage and confidence as well. Although he is still practices the ethics and the journey of being a broadcaster, he said the experience is very fulfilling. 

He served in the House of Representatives from 2013 to 2016. He used to work as Director General of the Philippine National Police (PNP), holding multiple positions and receiving a number of distinctions and recognition in his 34-year stint as a police officer. He then joined the national elections last 2015 as a Senator and landed on the 31st list.

His program "Sir Tsip" will air Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,5-6pm. He'll address things that are related to the government, police works and concerns.

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