Ethel Booba Launches #Charotism Book: A Compilation of her Witty and Funny Tweets

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Even though Ethel Booba is not that visible anymore in the showbiz industry, she is still making noise in a funny and interesting way. Making people laugh with her bold sense of humor that not a lot of people can laugh along which is the reason why she is unique and incomparable.  

Now, she has a book entitled #Charotism: The Wit And Wisdom of Ethel Booba.

Her book is a compliation of her top tweets that trended because of her witty and funny remarks, most of them were timely and were connected to the latest issues that are happening in the country. It also includes exclusive content like life hack tips and actual crossword puzzle. 

@IamEthylGabison joined Twitter in January 2012, but only started getting mass retweets late last year, when she live-tweeted during the Miss Universe pageant. Thousands click on the “Like” button when she posts her hilarious, spot-on musings on life, love, politics, showbiz, beauty—whatever hot topic Filipinos have in mind. “Hindi ako pabor na ilibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Kahit natalo siya sa pagka Bise Presidente dapat hayaan siya mabuhay. Charot!

The jokey “Charot!” at the end of every tweet keeps things light. She only tried to make Twitter her bubble thought simply because, "Ang boring kasi dati ng twitter ko, parang wala naman ako kausap dito, boring!"

According to Ethel, she never imagined that she will have a book like this but in the past she has received offers only, but when VRJ Books offered to publish this book and when she reviewed their proposal, she instantly agreed because she loves how the whole package.

Although according to Ethel, as of now, she's not yet considering offers of an autobiography book saying, "Bakit ako, marami namang iba dyan, siguro wag muna ngayon..baka someday.." Right now, she is grateful that somehow this is a new beginning, a book then whatever's next on the chapter of her life, she's crossing her fingers for more positive changes since it already started when her family when she and her father reconciled. 

Past is past she said and that everything's fine now. Although she added that maybe the reason why she didn't have that perfect relationship with some of her ex-boyfriends because she also didn't have a good relationship with her own father. Right now, she is dating someone and although she is not yet on the stage of settling down, she still wishes that one day, she will finally meet The One. 

Ethel is thankful that she has fans that continuously supports her though thick and thin which she fondly calls "Boobarians". Without them, this book will not even be possible, she added. 

Watch Ethel Booba's interview here:

Fast talk with Ethel Booba!

#Charotism, a compilation of some of her best tweets, is available at National Book Store and Powerbooks stores nationwide for Php 195.

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