UNAKICHI: Authentic Japanese Cuisine located at Makati Cinema Square

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Japan has been cooking for thousands of years. As an island nation it tends to go its own way. As a result, Japanese food evolved into a unique culinary tradition. Beyond tradition, Japanese food is a living part of the culture. It's always growing and as a result there are countless Japanese dishes.

We are all so lucky here in Manila because Filipinos gets the chance to savor different cuisines without having to leave the country. Most of us love Japanese dishes and although they are a bit pricey, if you choose wisely, you'll definitely get your money's worth when you choose the right and perfect Japanese Restaurant. I recently discovered an authentic Japanese Restaurant right in the heart of Makati City - UNAKICHI.

The only fresh grilled (charcoal) unagi in the Philippines is in the newly opened Unakichi restaurant in Makati Cinema Square. 

Unakichi specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and their specialty is Unagi or "eel". This is where the restorant's name came from Una- eel then Kichi - Lucky or Happiness. According to Sacho Shimakawa Shuzo, the owner of Unakichi who we got the privilege to interview, this is their sole branch here in Manila although they have other branches like in Cambodia and China. They opened their doors to the avid Japanese Food lovers last June 20, 2016 and since then, it's been a busy kitchen for them.

Once you enter Unakichi, you will definitely that you instantly traveled from Manila to the streets of Japan where you find Japanese restaurants. Here, you will easily feel comfortable since the lighting is good, you can appreciate the food more plus the staff are very courteous and friendly, since we don't really know much of the menu, they would offer their best dish that you can enjoy.
Traditionally, most Japanese restaurants offer set meals since it's more convenient and affordable. It’s perfect for Filipinos whose meals usually include rice, meat or fish, rice and soup. At Unakichi their sets include soup, a bowl of Japanese white rice, and a couple of sides consisting of vegetables and tsukemono or Japanese pickles. 

Me together with my Blogger friends tried different sets so that we will know how each of them differs from one another. All the entrees can be ordered for set meals or ala carte.

For the person who can’t decide what to order I highly recommend their 
best seller and specialty Unaju Jo Set

Unakichi got their eel from a farm in the Philippines that has been exporting to Japan for 4 years already. They have been serving 100 eels a day since they opened last month. The sauce they have is a 100 year old sauce which they grow from the original sauce from Japan.

It is grilled eel which includes rice, soup, salad, pickles and fruits.
This is my first time to eat eel and it's actually delicious. Although in some countries, eating eel is like an aphrodisiac to them.

Then there's the Tempura Set (2 Prawn and 2 Vegetables)

Tori Karage Set - Fried Chicken with Yurinchi Sauce
The Chciken is a crunchy and perfect paired with hot rice. Kids would surely enjoy this one.

Sake Saikyo Yaki Set - Grilled Best Salmon dipped in Saikyo Miso 
This is actually my top favorite because I don't usually eat fish  but when I tasted this Salmon, it was very flavorful and it doesn't leave any after taste. 

Saba Shio yaki Set - Grilled Mackerel
The fish was quite tender and flaky and very flavorful.

For Japanese Dessert they offer Singenmochi (Sticky Rice Cake) 
and Green Tea (Matcha) Ice Cream. I super love this dessert because this is something new to me. I love the combination of the sticky rice cake and the ice cream. 

The sides:

We also tried the following:
Umaki - Rolled eel omelette 

butabara misozuke - Grilled Pork dipped in Miso
toridasi yuzu udon
For drinks, you can have Iced Tea or Hot Tea

You may also want to try out Japanese Beer, Sake Bottle, Shochu Bottle and wine.

After you eat, you can use this cold towel to freshen up. 

If you'll have a private function or intimate dinner with office mates or friends, Unakichi offers a divided room where you can dine in with them.

Check out the menu below:

This is our interview with Sacho Shimakawa Shuzo. We also got the chance to meet Sacho Noriaki Terashima who is also a co-owner of Unakichi.

Chef Hiroshi Kimiyama with Sacho Shimakawa Shuzo. Sacho added that they make it a point that all the ingredients they cook are fresh and that each meal is served with an assurance that you will surely enjoy what you ordered. 

With Blogger friends Nikole, Jerhwin, Bedalyn, Jing and my Best Friend Akira together with Sacho Shimakawa Shuzo and Sir Ivan, Manager at Unakichi. Thank you so much for inviting us. We truly enjoyed the authentic Japanese Cuisine. I am definitely recommending this place for those who loves to eat Japanese dishes and for those who wants to try their very first Unaju or eel since they do it really special here. You don't need to go that far because they're just located at Makati Cinema Square. 

Unit G14B Makati Cinema Square Building Amorsolo St. Makati City
For reservations, call +63-2-728-2072
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unakichiph/

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