Top One Project in Concert plus TOPping the charts and winning group of the year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We've seen boy bands come and go and the only way to distinguish them from the rest is by their certain gimiks or their looks and get up. When it comes to the Philippine scene, there have been some successful boy bands and groups who made their own name and history, what makes the latest boy band sensation from GMA  Top One Project different from the rest? They have a combination of PERSEVERANCE, SHEER TALENT & their DREAMS to make it to the TOP.

During their Blogcon for their upcoming concert, Top One Project or TOP gave a sample of their acoustic performance., it was so evident how talented they are and how serious they are when it comes to their craft.

Top One Project or TOP is composed of Louie Pedroso, Joshua Jacobe, Adrian Pascual, Mico Cruz and Miko Manguba. Just recently, the carrier single of their very first album "Paggising" topped the charts of Baranggay LS FM, overtaking Alden Richards who topped the charts for weeks. It's also one of the top selling OPM album so far. 

According to Miko Manguba, one of the member of TOP, the group felt really grateful and blessed because since they won the first ever multi-platform boy band competition of GMA Network, a lot of opportunities have come their way. Louie Pedroso added that their lives totally changed. From a simple guy who is dreaming to be a performer, now, they're not just performing, they're also living the DREAM.  Adrian Pascual shared the struggles opf being a newbie in the industry. They know for a fact that they have a lot of things to prove and they are working hard for it. They continuously have workshops and also do voice coaching plus they want to be updated with the latest trends and songs as well. 

Joshua Jacobe said that even though they're not really a "dance group", they also have some moves that they can share whenever they have shows. They have a choreographer on their upcoming concert wherein the fans should really watch out. Mico Cruz shared that they want to showcase more their talent in singing since this is where they are honed for.

Top were not only nominated at the 2016 PMPC Star Awards for Music and TV but they also won it. They got the Best Duo/Group of the Year Award which is one of the most sought after award. For a newbie group, since it's been only a year when they started, this is a big recognition and a jump start to their budding career. For sure, a long the way they wil hit more awards and score more opportunities.

TOP aims for the correct pitch, hitting the right notes and interacting with the audience, they're not just pretty faces which is an answer to the upcoming competition that they will have since the other network is currently having a boy band competition as well that will surely make the competition rougher. Top members are game and said, "Bring it on!" 
In this way, they said, they can all contribute more to the music industry and at the same time make more people inspired and happy.

They’re committed to their craft the way an artist is committed to his life’s work. No wonder their goal is to leave a song that will leave a mark on the audience, 
and serve as their lasting legacy.

Although each of them have grown fond with each other, building close friendship making them like true brothers in the process, they admitted they've had some conflicts but they don't let it ruin their friendship even their group. 

Watch the Blogcon here:

Their show, T.O.P. in Concert, set at the Music Museum on October 28, will see the group performing modernized OPM and pop tunes as a group, or together with Kapuso artists Kim Domingo and Aicelle Santos. Plus their very own songs too.

Stage Direction by Marvin Caldito 
Music Direction by Marc Lopez

Tickets priced at:
VIP Php 2000 
Lower Box Php 1500 
Orchestra Php 1000 
Balcony Php 500

*As you support this event, you will also be extending your help to the Children’s Charity Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic.

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