Opening, Pouring, and Storing Made More Convenient

Monday, September 19, 2016

RFM’s Selecta Milk is the ‘first’ to produce ready-to-drink milk in Tetra Pak’s one-step resealable cap

As the number of discerning consumers in the Philippines continue to grow, forward-thinking companies are adopting new and innovative solutions to meet modern lifestyles. One such company is RFM Corporation, a home-grown food & beverage leader who becomes the first in the country to produce ready-to-drink milk inHeliCap™. Now all of RFM’s Selecta Milk products in 1 Litre packaging come with an easy-to-use, twist-open and resealable cap developed by Tetra Pak.

Mothers who wish there was an easier and faster way to serve their kids’ favourite Selecta Milk will find the new cap an upgrade from the previous pull-tab. In just one quick twist, the cap cuts through an inner protective foil without the need to physically remove a separate seal, saving eager children some waiting time at the breakfast table. The wide opening of Tetra Pak HeliCap™ also allows consistently smooth pouring. If storage space is always a concern, the resealable cap makes it possible to lie an opened carton sideways with no spillage.

“Selecta Milk is a trusted brand among Filipino families and I think the key to our success is always thinking ahead about what our consumers want and need. With more people now looking for products that are easier and more convenient to use, the new cap from Tetra Pak will address this consumer need. Now everyone even kids in the family can enjoy a hassle-free drinking experience from our 1 Litre packaging. Better opening, pouring and storing means less spillage and every drop of our nutritious and delicious Selecta Milk now goes to the glass and enjoyed. We strive towards giving our customers great valuefor money, so Selecta Milk is still priced affordably, 1Litre is priced at P66 while Moo 1Litre is priced at P70”,explains Marie Young, SVP & General Manager, RFM Corporation.

HeliCap™ is one of many openings and closures that Tetra Pak offers. Tetra Pak has a wide range of innovations to help F&B companies grow their business by tailor-fitting products according to market trends. Tetra Pak has been a long-term partner for Selecta Milk in not only product packaging, but also milk processing using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) that ensures every carton of Selecta Milk is hygienic, safe and nutritious.

Brian May, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines says: “We’re committed to helping brands like Selecta Milk maintain their strong positionin the market through innovation. Being in the Philippine market for more than 30 years gives us strong insights to the local market that we proactively share with brand owners along with global perspectives that can support their growth objectives. Our team here is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with businesses in elevating the consumer experience.”

Selecta Milk’s portfolio of 1 Litre packs includes Selecta Fortified Milk, Selecta Full Cream Milk, Selecta Fortified Low Fat Milk and Selecta Moo Milk Chocolate and are available in all leading supermarkets and groceries. 

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