My Rebound Girl starring Joseph Marco & Alex Gonzaga Now Showing!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It was not long ago when we watched Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga paired in their first teleserye in Pure Love via ABS CBN. Now, they are paired once again with Rgeal Film's latest RomCom Movie "My Rebound Girl". It was Mother Lily who said that they look good onscreen and that they have that chemistry which is why they instantly pushed a project for "#SephLex which is how their fans call them.

During the Blogcon of My Rebound Girl with the cast and Direk Emmanuel de la Cruz of Slumber Party, Kailangan Kita and Sarung Banggi both Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga mentioned how excited they were that they're finally working with each other again. Alex said that she is very comfortable working with Joseph since they've already worked before and they're very close friends. Alex added that Joseph appreciates her funny and sunny personality and she on the other hand also appreciates his serious side which is why they work as a team.

Joseph and Alex talks about their character in the movie. Joseph said that, "Rich, my character, is a bit serious about his life and when it comes to love, he has no reservations. I think those are the two qualities that I can identify with."

Alex said,"Rocky, my character, is easily convinced that men will not hurt her. I am somewhat like that."

In the film, Alex (Gonzaga) is Raquel or Rocky, dubbed as the “Pambansang Rebound Girl.” She may not be a stunner but she is kind, trusting and jolly.

Rocky’s dad wanted to bring her with him abroad but she declined and instead put up her own business, the Perfect Blend Café, with several business partner-friends, including her boyfriend Timmy.

Just when she thinks her plans are falling into place, Timmy, whi happens to be their group’s main financier, backs out of Perfect Blend to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend.

Rocky, dumped and heartbroken, wanted to quit the café venture until her savior, Rich Magsanoc (Joseph Marco) comes along.

Both came on too strong for the other on their first meeting, as Rich, being the financier served as the café’s manager. But as they go along, though, both agree to co-manage the shop on the condition that the cafewill make use of Rich’s coffee beans from an almost idle coffee farm.

During one of Rocky’s visits to the coffee farm in Benguet, she discovers how much Rich wants to revive the farm to convince his mom against selling the property. She also learns that Rich has just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend.

From then on, Rocky and Rich’s relationship become sweeter as they develop their own signature blends, disagreements ended up in a date until Rich finds himself slowly falling for Rocky.

Rocky eventually agrees to be Rich’s girlfriend even when at the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure whether or not she was getting into another “rebound” relationship.

Their love story gets a major twist when Rich’s former girlfriend shows up at the café’s inauguration.

Most of the people think that when they were taping in Pure Love, they're developing feeling for one another. What happened back then? Alex said that both of them were focused on their career since this is the first time that they'll be having a telserye which is why they must focus on work first. That is their priority. When asked what is their status now, Joseph said that they're taping one step at a time, they enjoyed each other's company and whatever happens in the future, he wants to treasure their friendship more than anything else.

When asked what qualities do they like about each other, Joseph said that Alex is, "She loves her family, fears and loves God, has a very kind heart and is humble, too. We get along very well.

As for Alex to Joseph, "He is very mysterious, caring and sweet to me, much more so I think if I am his girlfriend."

Watch My Rebound Girl Blogcon here:

I've watched My Rebound Girl on its Premiere Night that happened last September 27 
at SM Megamall.

Overall the movie has a lot of kilig scenes, it's clear that #SephLex really has that magical chemistry onscreen. One of the location of the movie is at Benguet which added an element of appreciation to the scenery plus you'll admire how both Alex and Joseph have evolved on being mature when it comes to their roles. Alex can be an effective actress, she can do comedy then drama, as for Joseph you can see the sincerity of his lines with his eyes. 

The story is a bit fast though, I wish they gave more scenes on how Alex and Joseph developed feelings for one another and showed more scenes that Joseph is already on the phase of moving on from his past love or maybe that's the point of being on the rebound. 
There were scenes that Alex showed fondness of Joseph that you'd think it's actually the reality not just in movie. You will also get dating tips in the movie and if you're curious if you'll get to see Joseph Marco's abs in the making, YES you will. 

Congrats Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga! hope you'll have a teleserye again soon!

Get a taste of and experience Alex and Joseph’s magic as “My Rebound Girl” hits Philippine cinemas nationwide starting September 28 from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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