Klea Pineda Celebrated 1st year Anniversary with Kleanatics Forever

Monday, September 19, 2016

It's been one year since Klea Pineda won as the Ultimate Female Survivor in Starstruck season 6. She dreamed, survived and now, finally making her dreams come to life. She's not just your typical girl with good looks because she definitely aced it all. Beauty and brains plus talent. There's no wonder that one day in the future, she might be one of the reigning beauty queens that will bring home the crown for the country but for now, she wants to focus more on her acting career.

One of her greatest dream is to be able to see herself portraying different roles, one of her blessings so far is to be part of the most awaited requel fanterserye in the Philippines.

Klea Pineda plays the role of Muyak in Encantadia. Muyak is a Diwata with butterfly-like wings, much like Tinkerbell. When she went to the mortal world, she becomes human sized and because she is not a Sang'gre she is not visible to the mortals other than Lira. This was portrayed by Nancy Castiglione.

According to Klea, it was a dream come true for her even though it was really challenging because she needs to put on a harness every shoot which is a bit painful but even so, she feels like this is just one of the many challenges she will face in order for her to become a better actress. It was also memorable for her because she feels very lucky to land on a project that is much awaited by everyone plus she also got the chance to work with the best actors and actresses in the industry. Klea added that she learned a lot of things from Direk Mark and he was very cool, patient and kind to all of them, balancing her advice and expertise to the veterans and to the new comers. She added that although she doesn't have any love team in Encantadia, she welcomes the idea of having a love team in the future or either way for as long as it will help her in her career.

The get together with her fans has been one of her main project together with her family. 
Her family has been very supportive of her and it was very evident during the get together, showcasing how much they truly love one another and how united they are. She's been longing to thank her fans for being so supportive of her even since she became part of Starstruck season 6. Thankfully, even though she's a bit busy balancing studies and taping, she got the chance to bond with her fans last September 17 at Music 21.

Klea with the Kleanatics Forever
It was indeed a fun and memorable event not just for Klea but also for her fans. There were games, and special gifts for them as well. About 2o or more fans got the chance to spend some intimate time with Klea and it was so obvious how much they know a lot of things from Klea. Some of them even came from Pampanga and went all the way to Quezon City just to spend time with her. They even gave Klea a special gift as well.

Klea said that she feels very lucky that she has supportive fans that she also treats as her friends. Whenever she has a time, she would make it a point to talk to them via her social media account. Since GMA Network has a campaign about cyber bullying #HEARTOVERHATE, Klea shared that she also experienced being bashed online and thankfully, her fans has been there to support her plus she doesn't waste her time dwelling on negative vibes online.

Klea said that she is looking forward to have more challenging projects in the future via GMA Network and she is also undergoing series of workshops to improve her craft in acting. 

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