Nichole Friese: Head Turner who will soon rise in the Fashion & Entertainment Scene

Friday, August 12, 2016

Just when you think you're looking at Iza Calzado, you might wanna look closer because this beauty wil, surely make it big in the modeling industry and hopefully in the showbiz industry as well. She's Nichole Friese. She's half Filipino-Half German, born and raised in California U.S.A. She's currently in High School and she'll be finishing her last year when she comes back in the U.S.

Nichole narrated how fun and interesting it was to be raised in a mixed nationality since her Mom is a Filipina. She added that she loves her Filipina side a lot and her favorite expression so far is "Talaga!" since she hears it often. Her favorite Filipino food is Bangus, she likes it fried and Adobo as well. Although she said she loves eating but does it moderately so that she can keep her body lean and healthy. Her favorite tourist destination in the Philippines is Cebu. She heard so many good reviews about the beaches and other historical destinations in the area that she wishes to visit to know more about the country.

When it comes to the showbiz industry, she loves listening to Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo and her favorite song from her so far is "Tala". When it comes to actors, she loves John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo since she have watched a movie of them back in US which have subtitles on it. She loves their acting and she knows that they're very popular here in the country as well. Hopefully, she added she can act like them too since she is also excited to do a series of workshops and more Tagalog lessons so that she can perfect this craft well. She wants to try acting, singing and dancing as well plus she knows how to plays the drums. She's been part of a play when she's in Junior High. When it comes to accepting roles she said, she'll stand to her principles and morals but we'll see if the offer is good why not but for now she's very young, she'll have to check which offer would suit her age.
With her good looks, wit and height, she is definitely poised to strut her stuff in the catwalk or maybe join a Beauty Pageant in the future. What are her plans? According to Nichole, since she was a little girl, she's been dreaming of becoming a Beauty Queen which is why she's been training for this when she has time. Nichole said she considers Tyra Banks as the Icon she looks up to because she is very successful in her field and she loves watching Project Runway as well, she gains a lot of tips from watching this show. Once she finished High School, she's planning to take up Performing Arts in College and also Psychology and Communication. 

Nichole Friese will be back this coming December for a series of project and one of them is a Fashion Show. We're all excited for that as she slays the catwalk. Nichole added that like her, a lot of teens are also aiming and dreaming to be a superstar, a beauty queen in the future, her advise is to just hold on to that dream and be patient because there's always a time for everything.

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