Mighty Mom: A new dishwashing liquid that is budget-friendly, de-greasing, anti-bacterial and deodorizing

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I love washing the dishes because this is where I help my my Mom when it comes to the kitchen since I don't know anything about cooking, I believe this is my participation. When it comes to washing the dishes, I am very meticulous, I really want the dishes to be spotless clean and doesn't have any leave on smell of the previous dish we just ate or any trace of soap in it. Nowadays, almost all of the products we buy at the grocery are either high in prices or low in quality because it's cheap. Which is why I am having a hard time choosing which is the best dish washing liquid I should use at home.

Thankfully, a new dish washing liquid was introduced which is perfect for those who wants a budget-friendly product that is equally good compared to its competitors in the market.

Soul Sisters hosted the program and even did a wonderful song number

During the grand launch of Mighty Mom, we were introduced with the creators of the product which is under Kohl Industries, the brand who first introduced the Puregel hand sanitizer that has a rubber holder in it. They also created Bactigel, Doctor J and many more. 

We also got the chance to test how effective Mighty Mom Dish washing liquid is. We decorated some plates using ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and cooking oil. With other competitor brands, Mighty Mom effectively washed off the grease with just one swipe.

Meet the family under Kohl Industries together with the hosts.
The new line Mighty Mom is effectively de-greasing, anti-bacterial and deodorizing dishwashing liquid that is proudly Philippine-made and comes in the traditional lemon scent and the uniquely-Filipino kalamansi fragrance. 

If you want to save even more, you can pour a small amount or dilute it in a bottle with water since it's concentrated, one drop will definitely go a long way and can wash many dishes. I tried this at home so based on my experience,  I am amazed that it did not dry up my hands after washing. I even used this for plastic containers, greasy and smelly; after washing you'd see the difference - no foul smell and oily residue.

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is true to its name: it is mighty against germs, but it is also caring just like a mother as it is mild and gentle to the hands and skin. This dish soap also ensures value for money, time efficiency and a hassle-free, cleaning experience.

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is also priced more affordably compared to other local dishwashing products. Availablein 500mL bottle (withFREE 2 250mL pouch) priced at Php88.00, 1 Liter bottle with pump (with FREE 3 250mL pouch) priced at Php149.00, 250mL bottle (Buy 1 Get 1 promo) priced at Php49.75. 

Mighty MomDishwashing Liquid is available at SM Supermarket, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Gaisano, Wellcome, AFPCES, Pioneer Center, Fisher Supermarket and San Roque Supermarket. 

For faster and hassle-free transactions, Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid can also be bought online at Marketa (www.marketa.ph).

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