Ken Chan in My Destiny Concert: August 19 at Zirkoh Tomas Morato

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


This  is how GMA lead actor Ken Chan described how he feels about having his first ever solo concert called MY DESTINY.

Known for his acting skills and charming chinito looks, Ken Chan is set to conquer the stage and will showcase his love for music as he performs at Zirkoh Morato on August 19. After making his fans thrilled when he portrayed the role of Joey Flores-Vergara or Destiny Rose, a woman trapped in a man's body. His role gave him great reviews on his portrayal marking his acting abilities as one to be noted of by many. 

According to Ken, it has been one of his bucket list to perform to a bigger crowd and he loves singing as well. Having his own album was one when his debut album was released sometime last year and now, after being successful in showcasing his acting abilities, he wants to concentrate as well on music and his vocals, hopefully he will get to release another album in the future.

“Acting and singing have always gone hand in hand for me,” explains Ken, who says his love of music started even since he was a kid.

Ken is now busily rehearsing for his concert. He admits that there are a lot of challenges and probably more along the way — barely two weeks before the concert
— because his repertoire alone is something hard-winning and out of his comfort zone but he is committed to endure because come show time, it’ll be worth the wait. One must realize that there is more to Ken than being a good actor, a handsome face and a bankable (international) product endorser. And this concert will prove it!

His friends from showbizness will also be there to make this dream come true. In fact, many of them will be on stage with him like 80s music icon, Manilyn Reynes, his co- lead stars in the much-loved and widely watched afternoon soap “Destiny Rose“ Jeric Gonzales and Fabio Ide, comedians Divine and Tammy Brown and his good friend, singer-actor RJ Agustin - all in full force to show their support for Ken.

Indeed it is a dream come true because even before Ken wanted to become an actor, he was already a singer at heart. Given the fact that he has the vocal talent to be a “great one” someday, Ken Chan, having his solo concert soon, comes even closer to his destiny.

Here's a sample of what we'll expect on My Destiny Concert:

You should not miss MY DESTINY: KEN CHAN LIVE IN CONCERT  on August 19, 2016, 9PM. 

For ticket inquiries:
Contact: 0916-230-6146 // (02) 374-5769 or email:

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