Derrick Monasterio Celebrated his 21st Birthday with a Contract Signing & an Upcoming Concert

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One of the most sought after hunk in GMA Network is Kapuso Star Derrick Monasterio who recently celebrated his 21st birthday. He celebrated his birthday last August 1 with an intimate get together with his family because he also have a work that time. Last August 15, he gets to celebrate his birthday again, this time with the kids who have cancer and are all undergoing treatment. 

This is not the first time Derrick did a Charity Birthday, in fact, every year he is really looking forward to share his blessings to others and he is thankful to GMA Artist Center because they are giving the artists a chance to give back to those who are needy. is year is no different, he felt blessed that he continuously have projects, his teleserye with Bea Binene recently concluded and he is now looking forward to future projects.

In fact, last August 2, one of his dreams came true when he signed a contract for Regal Films under the helm of Mother Lily. He is now part of the Regal Babies and he is excited to star on his very first solo movie, whatever the concept maybe, he is plain excited, although Mother Lily mentioned to him that the project for him might be a "little sexy" but for him, he knows it would be worth it. This is also his chance to work with different actors and actress especially from different network which made Derrick even more excited. In fact, eh mentioned that he wishes to work with Jessy Mendiola in the future because she is one of her showbiz crush simply because she is gorgeous, talented and very sexy.

During his birthday, Derrick got the chance to spend time with the kids, he even told them to have faith and pray always and be strong. He also gave them gifts, goodies and also ate with them. This is one of his memorable moments that he will treasure for the rest of his life which is one he wanted to make sure that everyone is really enjoying. The kids even did a special song number just for Derrick.

Derrick is also preparing for his upcoming concert together with Kapuso hunks Rocco Nacino, Aljur Abrenica and Jake Vargas. It is entitled, "Oh Boy" which will showcase their talents in singing and dancing. Although according to Derrick, they haven't rehearse yet but he wants to concentrate on his forte which is ballad songs, more on classical. 
They're still on the process of making the concept for the concert but this is something the fans should really look forward to. 

PRICE LEVEL 1 Php 2500
PRICE LEVEL 2 Php 2000
PRICE LEVEL 3 Php 1500

Right after his teleserye, Derrick also planned to go back to studies because he really wishes to finish college, no matter what happens, he will have a fall back in the future since according to him he wanted to invest on his future and finishing school is one of his main
 goal as well. Just recently, he was also part of the recently concluded Bloggers Style Camp and he is part of the Team Boys. Although their team didn't won (His team consists of Martin Del Rosario, Phytos Ramirez and Ken Chan) he said this is a worthy cause since the theme is Cyber Bullying. This is a big fight for everyone who has been violated because of the internet.

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Special thanks to GMA Artist Center, Unisilver Time, Belo, Bench, Skechers, Aura Ruz and Omizu Beautifying Natural Spring Water for sponsoring the birthday event.

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