CAMP SAWI: Stars Kim Molina, Yassi Pressman, Arci Munoz, Andi Eigenmann & Bella Padilla

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Much has been talked about when it comes to heart break which is why most of us take social media as a form of entertainment when people posts "hugot lines" online. Viva Films introduces a movie which is not all about hugot but about five strong individuals who will do anything what it takes to move on which ended up staying at Camp Sawi where they will learn to heal their broken hearts or will they?

Camp Sawi is a Joyce Bernal production for VIVA Films and N2. Written and directed by Irene Villamor, the film was shot partly, or most of it, in Bantayan Island, Cebu.

The movie stars five of today’s hottest and sexiest young actresses – Andi Eigenmann, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Kim Molina, and Arci Munoz. Also in the cast is Kapamilya hunk Sam Milby with the special participation of Kapuso actor, Dennis Trillo.

Meet the cast:
As Bridgetie (Bela), Jessica (Yassi), Gwen (Arci), Joan (Kim) and Clarisse (Andi), these five young ladies become each other’s shoulder to cry on inside the camp.

Bridgette is a bank teller dumped by her long-time Chinese boyfriend. She and her ex were together for 10 years before the guy decided to break up with her to marry another girl.

Yassi is Jessica,  a young perky cheerleader, who finds out that her boyfriend is in love with someone else.

Gwen works for a band with her boyfriend, who eventually breaks up with her. Joan, on the other hand, is left by her lonely when her fiancé dies after proposing to her.

Lastly, Clarisse is a former actress who suffers the consequences of being the other girl.
The five girls seek relief from all the heartaches and find guidance and strength from young and good-looking Camp Sawi head coach-cum-resident chef, Louie (Sam).

Beautiful women are not immune to heartbreak. If anything, they get hurt more. Each of them had their share of a painful heartbreak and it help them more portray their respective roles. Since they are part of the showbiz industries, most of their love lifes were an open book and the public knows how each of them fall in love, got broken then eventually move on. This is how tough they are and that no matter what happen, life goes on and the show must go on.

So how did they move on after a frustrating heartbreak? Take it from Aci who experienced being cheated on several times by the guy who she fell in love with and even broke up to her via text saying he needs a break. As for Yassi, she felt everything she does was wrong and she's always the one who gives the big effort. Bella on the other hand took time before she finally move on from her ex because she's still hoping that they would get back together which is why for months she didn't entertain any suitor even new guy friends. Kim's story was even hard because her boyfriend for nine year cheated on her, but not just with any girl, but with her very own best friend. 

But nothing compares to the open book story of Andi Eigenmann because her love life was one of the most followed even before she got pregnant with her first baby. Just this week, #AndiEndedJakeParty trended on twitter because of the rants each of them tweeted not specifically to one another but most of the people who will read it knows that they are talking about each other. 

So, you see, everyone can experience a major heartbreak and according to them, it's really up to you on how you can help yourself and how you will be able to accept the reality that you need to step up and love yourself more. The movie will tackle different things that will help you understand the stages of being heartbroken and moving on eventually.

Watch the Grand Presscon of Camp Sawi:

Watch the trailer of Camp Sawi

Join Andi, Bela, Yassi, Kim and Arci as they mend their broken hearts and find true healing in VIVA Films and N2 Productions’ “CAMP SAWI,” showing in cinemas nationwide on National Sawi Day, August 24!

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