Silka Celebrates 15 Silkamazing Years of Beauty!

Friday, July 08, 2016

Here in the Philippines, a large number of Filipinos would like to have a whiter complexion. And I admit, I am one of those Filipinas dreaming to have a smoother white skin. I almost tried everything, experimenting on what’s effective and what is not, finding what soap is better to use. Then I tried Silka which is one of the leading skincare brand in the Philippines when it comes to promoting whiter, smoother skin.

Launched in 2001, Silka was created by Cosmetique Asia. With top brand ambassadors like Erich Gonzales, Iya Villania and no less than Piolo Pascual, Silka through the years has grown to be a partner of every Filipino in achieve lighter complexion and smoother skin naturally thus the tagline "Alagang Papaya, Alagang Silka."

Silka recently celebrated their 15th year Anniversary at at the SM City Lipa Events Center, with the theme; “Silkamazing @ 15: Todo Buhos Ang Galing.”

Since Silka is celebrating their 15th year, the event was filled with amazing booths, games, raffle prizes and more! The Grand prizes were Smart TV, IPAD and IPhone which was given to the three people who participated in the raffle.

Local rock band, Hale graced the occasion performing their greatest hits

The recent event was the last of the regional celebrations in honor of Silka's 15 years, the places being Cebu, Davao and Pangasinan respectively. 

SILKA brand variants includes body wash, deodorant, facial cleanser, facial cream, 
lotion and soap.

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