Gabbi Garcia is Alena, One of the Sang'gre of Encantadia 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gabbi Garcia is not just your typical pretty face. For 2 years now since she was launched as part of the GMA Artist Center roster of young talents, she has become one of the most in demand female star in the network. From guesting to Maynila then being part of her very first teleserye My Destiny then being paired to Ruru Madrid, since then they've been inseparable. They've done several projects together which includes InstaDad, 
Seasons of Love and Let the Love Begin.

The challenge never stops for this young Kapuso star since this year, as she marks her second year anniversary in the showbiz industry, Gabbi Garcia will be portraying her most challenging and much awaited role yet in her career. She is Alnea, one of the Sang'gre in the 
much anticipated fantaserye of Kapuso Network, the requel of Encantadia together with equally talented and beautiful stars Kylie Padilla, Sanya Lopez and Galiza De Castro.

According to Gabbi, it was really a dream come true to be part of Encantadia, much more to be one of the Sang'gres because this is really one of the most coveted roles and a lot of artists auditioned for this role. She is very thankful to GMA Network for trusting her with this role and because of this, she also wants to give her very best because she knows a lot of people are counting on her. Not only that, the pressure is really high since people will be comparing her to the previous role that Karylle portrayed, although she knows it is inevitable, she added that she accepts the challenge and assures everyone that she will do her best. Gabbi also has a golden voice since her character will also sing a lot in the whole series.

The actress shared that she and Alena are quite similar in terms of their characteristics and skills.   “We’re both very mapagmahal. Ako kasi I love my job, I love my craft, I love my family, [and] I love my friends. Same thing with Alena, she loves everyone around her,” 

She can act, she can dance and most of all, she can sing just like the Sang’gre. “She has this special power. ‘Yung voice niya ang ginagamit niya mag-attack so it’s not all the time she’s using her sword or weapon to fight. It’s also her singing voice, parang hini-hypnotize niya ang kalaban niya,” 

Moreover, Gabbi also shared how wonderful it is working again with Ruru Madrid. Although they've been really close since their past projects, they've kept close and were always updating each other about their whereabouts. She said nothing really changed between them, she is more comfortable with her character because she knows Ruru will be there to support her anytime plus he also boosts her self confidence. She added that the ambiance in the Encantadia set is very good and warm since their working relationship with each other is is quite amazing from the start. "Walang sapawan, lahat magkakasundo" according to Gabbi.

Gabbi gushed over working with Marian Rivera. She's a big fan as well.  According to her, "Ate Yan really worked hard for everything she’s achieved – from going to auditions and VTRs to landing her role in Marimar. She has a great career and now she’s married to a fine man and they’re having a baby. Everything fell into place for her." She said that she is her role model which is why working with her is really such a remarkable experience.

Gabbi shared that her closeness with Sanya, Kylie and Glaiza also kicks off from the moment they were chosen to portray their respective roles. She mentioned how they are being warned over and over again for being too noisy and talkative in their tent or dressing room area because they're busy chatting with one another. 

Regarding her role, Gabbi said she underwent training since they'll be doing a lot of fight scenes and stunts in this fantaserye and it really makes her excited aside from wearing amazing costumes. It was really a dream come true for Gabbi.  She said that she is thankful she gets to work with Direk Mark because he is not that strict but he makes sure that everyone will follow his orders and when it comes to quality, he really makes it sure that the outcome will be really something to watch out for.

Since it's very timely, Gabbi Garcia also did something she really loves that day. Diving. She tried the Aquanaut experience with the Bloggers. Gabbi Garcia learned to dive at an early age (10 years old) and she is also a licensed scuba diver like her father. She is also working on her advanced scuba diving license. 

Congrats Gabbi and you truly deserve all the blessings coming your way 
especially this role as Alena!

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