I Love You to Death Starring Kiray Celis & Enchong Dee: Showing on July 6 in Cinemas Nationwide!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

From being in the arms of Derek Ramsay in the hit romantic comedy film "Love is Blind" Comedy Princess Kiray Celis will be once again caught up in a romantic love story with a twist, now in the arms of Chinito Prince Enchong Dee in "I Love You to Death".

Kiray and Enchong are the lead stars of “I Love You To Death,” Regal Entertainment’s latest offering which opens July 6 in cinemas nationwide. Directed by Miko Livelo.

In “I Love You To Death,” touted to be this year’s most riotous comedy-horror movie, Gwen (Kiray) and Tonton (Enchong) are childhood sweethearts born and raised in the province. They promise to love, marry and be with each other until death do they part.

But they went on separate paths when Gwen left for Manila to study. There, she made new friends and eventually forgot all about Tonton. When she realized she’s the only one without a boyfriend among her friends, she made a wish to meet the guy who would die for her. Lo and behold, he appeared – handsome and hunky Tonton! Eager to have a love life, Gwen accepts his marriage proposal. So, Will they live happily ever after?

During I Love You to Death Blogcon, the cast shared how excited they are for this movie. Both Enchong and Kiray said that the moment they received the script for this movie, they instantly gave a go signal because it's a fresh concept.

This is a comeback project for Enchong Dee since his last movie was way back 2014 with Erich Gonzales. He got busy last year promoting his concert Detour and told us that this is what he is passionate about. Performing. He narrated how he suddenly got burned out and wanted to achieve something that will make a big turn around on his career but not only that, he also wanted to give back to his fans who has been there from the start. Now, Enchong said that he is more careful in accepting projects since he has proven that fame and fortune can only last a short period of time, he wants to take this profession seriously and make a mark in the industry as well.

On working with Kiray, Enchong said that he loves working with her because she is very passionate with her craft. She gives her 100% and will do everything just to achieve that scene no matter how it gets dirty. Because of this movie, they got really close and he even guided her with some scenes since they will have a kissing scene here. 

Kiray said that she is thankful that Regal Films again trusted her with a big project like this. 
Love is Blind earned big and Kiray got a lot of praises for this movie which is why people might be expecting something really grand from her, is she pressured? Kiray said that for as long as she knows she gave her best, she knows that people will appreciate the movie.  Plus, Kiray added that this is not your typical romantic comedy, there's a twist in the movie that "brainy" people will surely love. 

When asked about her kissing scene with Enchong, Kiray said that it was her first time to have a kissing scene like that. Usually it was just a smack on the lips, on this one, it was a bit wild. Although Kiray said Enchong was really guiding her on what to do and even said that he will take over because Kiray was feeling a bit uneasy about the scene. They were that close to the point of joking one another. Enchong said, "Bakit parang ayaw mo pa pa-kiss sa akin" laughing, Kiray answered, "Hoy, galing to kay Derek no, wag kang ano, don't me!" laughing.

They look so adorable I am really excited to watch the movie. 

On top of the kilig romantic scenes, moviegoers will definitely have their money's worth come opening day on July 6 as the film also showcases terrifying horror scenes never-before seen on the big screen. "ILYTD" certainly is the "killer comedy movie of the year."

Joining Kiray and Enchong in the cast are Janice de Belen and Betong Sumaya as Kiray's parents. Also playing support roles are Devon Seron, Trina Legaspi, Michelle Vito, Shine Kuk, Paolo Gumabao, Christian Babies, Nico Nicolas and Dino Pastrano.

Watch I Love You to Death Blogcon here:

Scream and be terrified as you fall in love with Kiray and Enchong in "I Love You to Death," 2016's certified riotous horror-comedy to end all horror-comedies.

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Showing on July 6 bin cinemas nationwide!

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