H2O Technologies Inc. Launched H2O Salamander: Aims to raise funds for 500 Units to be distributed across the country

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our country, The Philippines, is surrounded by water and whenever there are calamities such as a typhoon hit the country, some of the areas got really flooded take it from the Yolanda typhoon when most of the provinces even Metro Manila got flooded because of the typhoon that hit us and what better way to solve this problem is of course good infrastructure and a vehicle that will save a lot of people in this time of emergency.

H20 Technologies recently unveiled the first ever Philippine made amphibious tricycle.

Branded as the Salamander, this amphibious vehicle took five years to develop and revolved around the concept of a six-seater motorized tricycle with a sturdy hull and fiber glass body. It is powered by a 250cc motorcycle engine, and can be controlled by a handlebar or a stick when the Salamander is running on water. 

The design team is also led by the company’s Chief Engineer, Lamberto Armada who also revealed that they have created two models that runs with either a mechanical or an electric motor. “Electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles are still in its early stages. Years from now there will be charging stations situated throughout the urban areas but right now, people will have to resort to traditional methods instead. That’s why we created the fuel based version as well to ensure that we were able to bring our innovation to the people who need it today.” Armada went on further to say “the Salamander will help us to overcome the challenges we have today during rainy season with flooding; but also be ready as the market shifts to more sustainable and eco-friendly electric vehicles in the near future.”

In a country where over half of the 42,000 Barangays are prone to flooding, the Salamander would fit well into the Philippines landscape requirements. “This is why we created the Salamander” said David Ong – Chairman of the Board for H2O Technologies.

Patented by H2O technologies, the Salamander can be functions like a normal tricycle on land, and transforms into an amphibious vehicle once operated in a watery environment. It can reach speeds of up to 80kph on land, and six knots in water with a full compliment of six people including the driver. Deriving knowledge from his family’s boat manufacturing business, one of H2O’s founding member/CEO Dominic Chung derived his expertise from boat building and coordinated with Atoy regarding the tricycle’s unique body structure. “The Salamander was designed to withstand a certain degree of impact or damage and can still maintain its buoyancy and stability even rough seas,” explains Chung.

The Salamander is expected to cost etween P295,000  and P495,000. The H2O group is currently in talks with private organizations which have expressed interest in funding the mass production of the Salamander. “Our target date for actual manufacturing is this year. I just hope that the government sees the potential of this aqua tricycle so we can provide this technology to the people in need,” says Chung.

Right now they are currently raising funds for mass production of the Salamander so that they can donate it to Philippine Red Cross, they will embark on a 60-day crowd source funding campaign via www.startsomegood.com starting June 27. 

Non-government Organizations and the general public will be able to donate to the cause in  any amount from as low as $10 USD to $2,500 USD. This is for a worthy cause since we can all benefit from this vehicle. 

As a way of saying Thank you, H20 will be providing a token for those who will be donating, if you donated $10 your name will be posted via H2O Salamander’s Vision Wall Website, $50 limited edition H20 Salamander shirt, $100 rechargeable LED lantern with powerbank, $150 58 piece survival kit, $2500 all the item above plus your name at the 500 units of H20 Salamander that will go to Philippine Red Cross.

I super love the 58 piece Survival Kit because it has everything that we need during a sudden calamity.

Let's all help H20 Technologies raise funds for this worthy cause, the sooner the better since it will be a big mass production to be distributed across the country. Imagine if each barangay in the Philippines has at least one H2O Salamander at their disposal. Think about how many more lives can be saved.

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