Glaiza de Castro is PIRENA in Encantadia 2016 Coming this July 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Glaiza de Castro is one of the prime actress of GMA Network and she is one of the few who never fails to get the most challenging roles and has proved that her talent can is doesn't stop from being an actress because she can also sing and can offer so much more in the industry.

Last 2015, Glaiza became part of yet another first of its kind teleserye from GMA Network, The Rich Man's daughter opposite Rhian Ramos where they secretly fall in love. It's the girl counterpart story of My Husband's Lover.

During the #JOYRIDEJAMwithPIRENA Blogcon with no less than Glaiza de Castro, she said she is very thankful to GMA Network and to GMA Artist Center for always supporting her and entrusting her with challenging roles and with that she doesn't want to let their hopes down, she promised that she will give her best as "Pirena" and the people will surely love the requel of Encantadia since it is said to be the most awaited fantaserye of the year.

Glaiza mentioned how she really wanted to be a Sang're, she watched the fantaserye before and was excited when they announced that there will be an audition for the said roles so without hesitation she auditioned and when the announcement was made, she still can't believe it until everything is really set and she's finally holding the script and doing the fitting for the costume.

Glaiza's role is Pirena, the keeper of the Jewel of Fire. She is the smartest and most skillful among the Sang'gres. Though outwardly cold, Pirena is actually a kind person, consumed by the belief that she can rule Lireo much better than Minea. Impulsive and willful, Pirena is very transparent with her emotions. She is the most frank and brutally honest of the sisters, sometimes inconsiderate of the effect of her words to those around her. Because they share so many of the same personality traits, she always ends up quarrelling with the youngest of the brood, Danaya. Pirena was gifted with the power to create and control fire which is only boosted by the Jewel of Fire. Aside from that, she can also Shape shift and take the form of any humanoid that she wishes.

According to Glaiza, she is very thankful that she got the role since she also love the character of Pirena and was even more delighted when Sunshine Dizon who portrayed the role in the past gave her a two thumbs up and even said that she is perfect for the role.

Since they already started taping the fantaserye, Glaiza said she had a lot of preparations for the said role since it will be more physical. She makes it a point that she works out plus watches her diet and tries different physical activities so that she can keep up with the fight scenes since she wants to do it without a double. She was at awe with the production and said that this is really a big production and the we should really watch out for the premiere of this one of a kind fantaserye.

Glaiza narrated that she really feels at home at the Encantadia set, she love all her co-actors plus she is also close with the other three Sang're namely Kylie, Sanya and Gabi. Plus, she is also very close with the Inang Reyna who will be portrayed by no less than Ms. Marian Rivera. They were supposed to be paired together in The Rich Man's Daughter but it didn't push through because Marian got pregnant, ever since then they got really close. The cast were so fun to be with according to Glaiza in fact they even had a Trumpets Dance challenge uploaded by Rochelle Pangilinan via her Instagram account. 

Even though Glaiza is busy with her acting stints, Glaiza said singing will always be part of her career which is why she gave us a sample of her singing prowess during our #JOYRIDEJAMwithPirena at the famous Black Fleet limousine while we roam Tomas Morato then ate at The Runner's Kitchen.


Congrats Glaiza as you embark on this most coveted and awaited portrayal as Pirena in requel of Encantadia coming this July 2016. We're all excited for the pilot episode!

Don't miss ENCANTADIA this coming JULY 2016! Via Kapuso Network GMA 7.

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