ASUS Incredible Workshops: RJ Ledesma for Successful Business Start-Up

Monday, June 13, 2016

It was indeed an honor to finally meet Mr. RJ Ledesma, a man who wears different hats.  A host/author/columnist/consule/Entrepreneur among others Mr. Rj Ledesma talks about how to maximize time and multi-task and more about entrepreneurship with the help of the ever reliable Asus Vivo Book.

Mr. Rj Ledesma gave me a lot of insights when it comes to business because like him, I am also business minded, aside from having a day job, we also have a family business which is a computer shop and of course there are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to operating a business but definitely it's worth it especially if you love what you are doing. 

Another thing I learned from him is ‘Failure can be entrepreneur’s greatest teacher’, yes, there are a lot of trial and error but this is one way to know if you've done the right thing and you get to learn from it even though you lose something. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens. In the world of entrepreneurship, a failure does not mean it is the end of the line. Rj Ledesma experienced this when he was starting out with Mercato Centrale and even invested in other big business ventures aside Metro Manila but because it is his passion, he is determined whether it is successful or not.

According to Rj, Mercato Centrale not only helped him but also people who loves to introduce their newest concept when it comes to food business. Mercato Centrale has a wide variety of great-tasting food choices. To be able to join the food market, all vendors must submit their products for a taste test that should pass a two-fold criteria: they must be unique and they must be yummy. Moreover, they don’t allow duplicative products in one market.

Ingredients of Entrepreneurship
Part smarts
Part hustle
Part balls
Part luck/Timing
All Prayer

Notes: Know your customers, know your competition, know your strengths and keep entrepreneurial mindset.

Aim your vision and ambition: A cup of vision and ambition
Know what you are passionate about.
Entrepreneurship is all about your irritation.
Inspiration comes from irritation your “pain points."

Mr. Anvey Factora Head of Pr Asus PH, Rj Ledesma and Alvin Estacio 
Technical PR of Asus PH

According to RJ, Asus Vivobook has helped him a lot when it comes to keeping up with all his deadlines and a lot of his busy schedule and multi-tasking activities. He added that it is his secret weapon which allows him to do his tasks because of its powerful processor.

Thank you Asus Philippines and Mr. RJ Ledesma for this very informative workshop about Successful Start up Business. I really learned a lot and was inspired more.

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