Yan ang Morning! with Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes Premieres May 2 at 10:45 am!

Monday, May 02, 2016

GMA Network never fails to offer all-out entertainment as it brightens up TV viewers’ mornings with the launch of the newest talk-variety show, Yan Ang Morning!, hosted by Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Yan Ang Morning! premieres on May 2, 10:45 a.m. after Hi School Love On.
Marian revealed that her latest project is the perfect venue to share her personal experiences on being a new mom and homemaker and at the same time become an inspiration to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

“Now that I am a mother, I want to prove that it is indeed possible to achieve what one sets her mind to as long as she’s passionate about it. I also realized that having a talk show is a good way to share my experiences as a new mother and how it is for me to achieve a work-life balance,” said Marian.

“My point of view in life has widened,” said Marian on how motherhood has changed her. “Unlike before that I easily get stressed out even over the simplest matter of concern, now I just shrug things off and let them pass especially when it comes to bashers. I think all of us have bashers, even ordinary people do. That’s why, I won’t waste my time answering them because for me they are cowards; hiding their identities with fake accounts and saying nasty things repeatedly. Perhaps, I will deal with them only when they reveal their true identities.”

Besides, Marian is focused on taking care of Zia who is a real bundle of joy. “She is bubbly. I’m still breastfeeding her. Usually in the morning, I wait for her to wake up to breastfeed her and then after, she just plays in her crib; mabait s’yang bata kaya I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful family and a happy life. There is really no reason to complain. In the morning, when I open my eyes, I see my handsome husband on my side and then on the other side is my beautiful daughter. So who am I to complain?”

Yan Ang Morning! is Marian’s first GMA morning lifestyle talk show with Boobay as her co-host. The actress never denies that hosting is not her forte, and she had mixed emotions about accepting the project. She was initially worried that she might not be able to deliver on her duty as a host. Good thing, Dingdong has inspired her to try and take on her new TV role. “His advice is simple — just be yourself. And here I am now.”

Marian continued, “Wala sigurong masama kung susubukan mo ang mga bagay na di ka pamilyar dahil ako bilang isang ina marami akong mga bagay na na-realize na kaya ko pala o magagawa ko pala. So I told myself, why not apply this to hosting — to try my hand in something that I am not yet familiar with. If you will notice the show’s tagline is ‘Kung kaya ni Yan, kaya n’yo rin,’ because I believe that we can learn everything. The show is very informative. I learn a lot of things even off cam. I am not shy to ask our guests like the mommy bloggers, for example, questions on the topic about breastfeeding. I ask them what should I do to produce more milk so natututo din ako sa mga bagay at na-a-apply ko sa sarili ko.”

Yan Ang Morning! allows viewers as well as the studio audience to participate and be involved in everything that Marian does in the program. In the show, she will have a cooking segment, a fun and easy do-it-yourself segment and another part when she would try the latest workouts and fitness trends.

Joining Marian as her co-host is Kapuso comedian and one of her real-life BFFs, Boobay. With his natural flair for comedy, every episode promises to be more fun and entertaining as he engages in banter with the audience and guests.

Boobay said that Marian is truly a genuine person, up until now he can't believe that they're good friends but through the years Marian prove that she is indeed one of the nicest person Boobay has ever met. Boobay added that Marian is very religious, she makes it a point to go to mass and she is also a loving wife and Mom.

Yan Ang Morning! starts airing May 2, Mondays to Fridays, on GMA. 

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