Julie Anne San Jose Celebrated her 22nd Birthday with the kids from Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Julie Anne San Jose has been soaring high ever since she started out as a kid joining different singing contests then being an internet sensation during her YouTube days. She's already proven that she's not just an ordinary performer but she's a singer with a big heart and she really loves her craft and will do everything just to pursue her dreams.

Julie Anne San Jose has gained multi-platinum awards for her albums and continuously topping the charts for her numerous songs as well, she has done different teleseryes, the last one is Buena Familia and also movies but one of her greatest achievement so far is graduating of Bachelor in Communication Arts this year. According to Julie Anne, it has been been one of her top priority, to finish her studies because above everything, when the limelight fades, she will have a fallback and she can pursue her career in the broadcasting industry. Either hosting or other aspects of Broadcasting industry.

Asia's Pop Sweetheart celebrated her 22nd birthday at Dreamplay which is located at City of Dreams. She celebrated it together with the kids from Virlanie Foundation which is a non-profit organization that aims to help street children. 

Julie Anne said that it has been on top of her list to celebrate her birthday with the kids because she loves pending time with kids. The kids from Virlanie Foundation got the chance to spend time with Julie, playing fun games and photo ops with Shrek and Fiona as well.

It was a time well spend for the kids since they all got the chance to tour around Dreamplay and experience the rides and other fun activities there. 

Another exciting part is that they all had a cooking class with Julie Anne San Jose, they baked a ginger bread! The kids were all excited to this especially when they got the finish product, this is with the virtual help of Shrek!

Now that Julie Anne already turned 22 years old, will she portray a more sexier or mature image in her upcoming projects? Julie said that it's about time that she project an image that is fit for her age, sexy yet classy, mature yet bold and artsy. She is busy with her upcoming album which will be an all original track, some of the songs were composed by her as well and she is really excited about this album because it will really something new, the songs and the whole concept as well.

Julie Anne also thanked her fans and everyone who watched her recent concert. This is truly a one of a kind concert for her because she get the chance to dance with G-Force plus also did a duet with other stars. Julie Anne can't be more grateful than she is right now since she is one of the few stars who accomplished a lot of things under the age of 25 years old. Julie added that right now all she's thinking about is her career, love can wait or better if it comes, it comes.  As for now, there's a lot more in store for Julie Anne for sure.

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