Sanya Lopez: The New Danaya in the Upcoming Fantaserye Encantadia

Friday, April 29, 2016

Avisala! Fantaserye "Encantadia" is back after a decade when it was first shown via GMA Network. GMA Network revealed the Sang’gres of this year’s requel (or retelling) of its groundbreaking fantaserye, “Encantadia.” It was indeed a much talked about news because most of the people I know are really looking forward to watch Encantadia reboot.

First to be introduced was Kylie Padilla who will play the role of Amihan, keeper of the Jewel of Air. The role was portrayed by Iza Calzado in the 2005 original. Amihan succeeds her mother Mine-a as Queen of Lireo, and is the most-skilled warrior among the sisters.

Alena, on the other hand, will be portrayed by Gabbi Garcia. The actress who originally played the role of keeper of the Jewel of Water was Karylle. Alena is the third sister who has been blessed with a beautiful voice that can paralyze or kill the enemy.

To play the role of Pirena, keeper of the Jewel of Fire and the most fiesty and intelligent of the Sang’gres, will be Glaiza de Castro. Pirena was originally played by Sunshine Dizon. As the eldest of the 4 sisters, she is the wisest and the ambitious one. She has always prepared herself to one day become Queen of Lireo but she gets consumed by hatred, especially towards her sister Amihan.

And lastly, the new keeper of the Jewel of Earth–Danaya–is newcomer Sanya Lopez. Diana Zubiri played the role of Danaya in the 2005 original.  Danaya has the ability to communicate with animals and plants, and also heal the wounded. She tends to get into petty arguments and often clashes with the eldest sister, Pirena.

Online Media together with Bloggers got the chance to know more about the beautiful and mysterious Sanya Lopez who will play the role of "Danaya" at Skyranch, Tagaytay. The venue was perfect because just like her role as Danaya, Sanya is also very adventurous and fierce. She's brave enough to try almost all the rides at Skyranch without even breaking that sweet smile. She's fit and bold which is perfect for Encantadia.

During our interview, Sanya said that she never expected that she would get a lead part. When she auditioned for Encantadia, she said any role would do because she just wanted to be  part of the upcoming and most awaited fantaserye, big or small role will do. But when it was finally revealed that she got one of the lead roles, up until now, she still feels overwhelmed. 

Right now, everything is sinking in because her schedule is pretty tight. She's been visible left and right and she's been doing a lot of workshops for acting and physical preparations as well because we all know that there are a lot of fight scenes in Encantadia, which is why Sanya has been keeping her body in top shape by going to the gym regularly and strict diet and even doing arnis as well. Since she will be paired with Rocco Nacino, he will be guiding her well with the fight scenes since Rocco is really good with arnis and other physically challenging sports as well.

Sanya Lopez started in showbiz doing some commercial and ramp modeling stints then she became part of Master Showman with Kuya Germs. Sanya added that she is very grateful and forever be thankful to Kuya Germs for believing in her talents and she hopes that he is proud of what she is doing right now. 

Sanya is also the sister of Kapuso actor Jak Roberto. According to Sanya, Jak was very pleased when she got the role and he keeps on congratulating her and advising her to give her best because this will be her stepping stone in achieving her dreams. 

When asked how she feels about the mized emotions of the netizens and other people who learned that she got the role as Danaya, Sanya said that you can't please everybody. She is happy that a lot has been reaching out to her to show support and even though there are negative feedbacks about her since she is just new, she added that she will prove them wrong and that she will just give all her energy to the show so that she can portray her role perfectly. She is also thankful that former Danaya Diana Zubiri congratulated her for getting the role. It boosted her confidence even more. In fact she also knows how people are talking about her figure specifically her "boobs" and for that when she was asked if she has any limitations aceepting roles, she said for as long as it is for the good of any given project she will do it but for now, if she got offers covering sexy magazines, she will think about it.

Right now, she is very excited for the upcoming taping of Encantadia that will happen soon. Encantadia will be airing this coming July via GMA Network on a primetime slot.

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