Pinto Art Museum: Admiring Art & Nature All at the Same Time

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Finally,after years of planning and dreaming of touring Pinto Art Museum,I finally got the chance to go there on my own. Even though I live in Antipolo Rizal, it was only last April 2016 that I finally set foot on this famous place full of wonderful art creations. Of course I have googled what's inside but the fact that I wasn't even prepared when I finally set my eyes on the place,I was literally in AWE. It was like goosebumps when you see your crush, that's what I felt. 

Once inside, you need to pay for the Entrance fee. You will then be given a map and the ticket. Pinto Art Museum is open from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening, Tuesdays till Sunday. Pinto Art Museum is built on a 1.3 hectare property composed of six buildings.

Pinto Art Museum features a rugged, seemingly Mexico-Santorini architecture attracts the attention of first time visitors for its refreshingly natural garden surroundings that say very little about the art treasures nestled within its walls. When I went there, it was high noon which made the walls and structures of the area stand out even more.

If only I have my tripod that time I would have took a lot of solo shots around the area but this time, I only admired the view and the art around me.

True to its name there are many doors and windows inside Pinto Art Museum- from wooden, to wrought iron to medieval-looking. It hints at the promise of what lies beyond. Granted, not every door opens or leads to something interesting, but that is life!

Interesting art pieces, what is natural and man-made all sitting side-by-side in a simple venue but it will truly caught your eyes and attention.

Make sure you explore every area of this property- seek out corners and hidden entrances. They have a wide collection of artworks and its interesting how each is arranged throughout the place. Though the place is picture perfect from any angle or perspective, you can get lost just by admiring every piece of art or get lost by choice! Just indulge with the place
 around you. 

All the artworks are from Filipino artists. Truly a showcase of Philippine artistic talent. It will surely excite your senses and even ignite your love for art and appreciate it even more.

The museum is also a work of art in itself, as its simple architecture is designed to blend in with its natural surroundings.  I also love the man made pond, it's so hot that time I want to take a dip in this area. 

There's also a Museum Shop where you can buy pieces of art for remembrance and if you get hungry, there's a cafe inside Pinto Art Museum just in case you want to take a break. It would be nice to take your family or friends here and even your date, it would be really romantic.

If you get tired roaming around admiring the art and the surroundings, there are a lot of chairs and sofas in the area to lounge while you take a rest. Photo op area as well.

I truly enjoyed walking around Pinto Art Museum.I will definitely be back to check 
out their Cafe as well.

How to get to Pinto Art Museum: From Crossing, ride an FX to Antipolo (estimated fare at P45) or any FX passing by Ynares Center Antipolo. Get off at Ynares and take a tricycle to Grand Heights (where the museum is) for P20 -P40.

From Cubao, head staright to Antipolo Proper then get off at Antipolo Church, ride a tricycle going to Grand Heights and tell the driver to drop you off at Pinto Art Museum, Sierra Madre Street. This should cst you P40-P50.

Pinto Art Museum
#1 Sierra Madre Street,Grand Heights Subdivision
Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: Pinto Art Museum

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