GRINGO: South American Inspired Dishes Cooking in Manila

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something really exciting is coming our way soon! If you love fried chicken and ribs as much as I do then you're in for a special treat because Gringo, a new restaurant that specializes with South American jive of dishes has a branch in The Fort Residences and will soon open its doors at SM The Block this coming April.

Just last week, I got this wonderful surprise when I got home. This huge box is waiting for me. Since I'm too excited to know what's inside, I instantly opened the box and aroma of delicious food greeted me. Different types of delicious aroma welcomed me and my mouth began to water. The box includes 1/2 Original Blend Chicken, 1/2 Southern Spice Chicken, I whole Ribs, Corn, Garlic Rice and Potato Salad.

What's inside the mysterious box?

Gringo's Ribs

The best ribs require absolute tenderness, paired with the right sauce & seasoning, this is what I learned from watching Chef Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen ❤ After tasting Gringo's ribs, it's the perfect ribs in town. A must-try indeed because you will definitely need an extra rice for this one. 

 Original Blend Chicken
Southern Spice Chicken

Another specialty of Gringo's is their flame grilled chicken. Both Original Blend and Southern Spice tastes really good, not your ordinary chicken blend that are sold in the street of the metro. This one, you can really taste the herbs and spices that were used before it was flame grilled to perfection. I didn't even know I would enjoy Mexican and South American flavors but after tasting Gringo's, it made me realize that this is the blend I love. Something 
new and exciting.

Gringo's specialty doesn't end with Ribs and chicken. They also offer Nachos, Butter crabs and more. This is another way to treat your family or friends to a whole new perspective in dining experience because we Filipinos are now adventurous and we love to try new things,
when it comes to food, we also love different cuisine and we enjoy eating it with rice. Gringo's will make you feel more at home with their exciting versions of our favorite dishes like Chicken and ribs. 

Unit 3 The Fort Residences Bldg. 31st Street & 2nd Avenue
The Fort, BGC
Will open soon at SM North, The Block 

For more details:
IG: @Gringoph

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