FootzoneDay Spa: The Finest Body & Foot Massage from Chinese trained therapists

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nowadays, being pampered is truly recommended especially if you're being from work or you want to have that best relaxation after taking care of your family or some household chores. It is also another way to treat yourself for a job well done. 

When you desperately need a break, a visit to the spa is the next best thing. Getting pampered like a princess at a professional spa is still the ultimate treat. Finally found a spa that will truly make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Once you enter Footzone Day Spa, you will feel like you're in a hotel. The lobby is spacious where customers can wait freely while waiting for their turn. They have a Wifi and LCD TV too.

Footzone Day Spa has been operating in Greenhills for almost 15 years now which specializes in Chinese massage and reflexology.

Footzone Day Spa has different rooms that caters to individual, to shared room/couple or a group. They also have a sauna bath and shower room. The VIP room looks really posh as well with tv and lazy boy chairs that can be converted into a bed after your foot spa is done. 

First procedure is the Foot Spa. While doing so, we were offered hot tea. It started with my feet being soaked with warm water. The foot tub was covered in plastic which is good because it reassures the customers that they are very clean and sanitized. Then the massage, they used an oil that smelled like vanilla or butter. The massage is really relaxing, which stimulated my blood circulation which is their forte. 

For the body massage, they used Meridian Relaxation and acupressure therapy which is really relaxing. The massage is made up of long and seamless strokes using hands and forearms completely kneading away the tensions of your muscles, I can feel my muscles popping and I can hear my bones as well. It will totally make you fight off sleep so that you can savor every single calming sensation. Truly a two thumbs up experience.

I truly enjoyed the massage beds that inclines or elevate at the touch of a remote. 

Check out the perfect package for you:

With my blogger friends Bedalyn, Jing and Nikole

My experience at Footzone Day Spa is truly a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I recommend for you to try their services because it is really worth it. You will definitely come back and experience more of what they can offer. 

Footzone Day Spa
G/F Richbelt Tower
17 Annapolis Street, Greenhills
San Juan (Across Metro Bank) Metro Manila
Monday to Sunday 1:00 pm to 1:30 am

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