Diana Stalder Partners with the Greenman Matthias Gelber on how to achieve Green Living

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Matthias Gelber with Ms. Dina Dela Paz

Just recently, I had this huge privilege to meet one of the Environment fighters of the world. 
Born and raised in rural Germany, Matthias Gelber is a world-renowned green activist who wants businesses to grow and prosper by healing the planet, not destroying it.

 Matthias Gelber co-founded Maleki GmbH in 2007, a company which produces low-emission construction materials and energy-saving solutions. Matthias gives talks and training on environmental issues, advising corporations, governments, schools and individuals on tackling climate change. Voted ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in 2008, Matthias is also PATT’s all-time ‘Top Individual Tree Planter’ with a total of 1,888 trees. He is currently spearheading a green revolution in Malaysia, urging people to cut their energy consumption by making small lifestyle changes. 

Matthias Gelber inspired Ms. Dina Dela Paz of Diana Stalder to practice what Mr. Gelber is teaching. To be more eco-friendly and save electricity and at the same time save the environment. Also present during this event is Ylona Garcia and Ronnie Alonte.

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It also features Canada’s top weight loss products and program, “Ideal Protein”, a medically designed protocol that provides a variety of instant, easy to prepare and ready to serve products, skillfully developed to exacting flavor and texture, using only the highest quality protein products.

Here are some tips that Ms. Matthias Gelber shared on how to save the Environment: Turn off any electrical appliance when not in use, use green technology gadgets that can help you save more electricity, choose organic goods, recycle thing that you can still use, reduce air-noise pollution by walking, be Vegan! These are just some of the things that we can do to help save the environment, thus giving a brighter future to the next generation. 

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