Chowking Creates Extraordinary Mornings with Chowking Breakfast Meals

Saturday, March 05, 2016

CHOWKING is providing its customers with a more exciting reason to start their day. Filipinos are known worldwide for being hardworking. Understanding this innate trait and the reality of a more busy lifestyle among diners today, Chowking has embraced the opportunity to whip up an exciting line of breakfast meals that add thrill and excitement to each morning.

“Chowking breakfast meals start the day the extraordinary way in the hopes that this will create a ripple effect for our customers as they go through their daily grind. We want them to wake up with excitement and look forward to a special breakfast that will set the positive tone for the rest of the day. With extraordinary dishes especially prepared by our resident chefs, we endeavor to brighten up their day and bring smiles to every customer who steps inside our store,” shared Cham Go, Chowking Brand, Retail and Channels Director.

Chowking has whipped up a filling and delicious selection of breakfast offerings. The Chowking Breakfast Chao Fan line, which consists of Pork Chao Fan with Egg and Pork Chao Fan with Siomai & Egg, tops the list of must-try dishes, with its meaty and flavor-heavy Chao Fan and Pork Siomai.The Chinese Pork Longganisa, the brand’s newest breakfast meal, gives each guest a taste of an authentic Taiwanese sausage. 

Chowking also offers other classic breakfast favorites such as Beef Tapa,Pork Tocino, and their King’s Special, a breakfast meal truly fit for a king with its satisfying servings of Beef Tapa, Chinese Pork Longganisa, Fried Rice and Fried Egg. Guests may also enjoy the well-loved and flavourful Chinese-Style Fried Chicken, the meaty, steaming hot Meaty Wonton Mami, and the perfect grab-and-go meal, Chunky Asado Siopao. And these products don’t come with a hefty price tag - guests can enjoy a Chowking breakfast meal for as low as P55 (Pork Chao Fan with Egg)! Chowking continues to give its diners value-for money offerings with its breakfast line that are always hot, fresh, filling and delicious.

“Chowking is excited to serve classic favorite dishes every morning to keep our customers fueled throughout the day. As we commit to offer them value-for-money dishes that are filling and delicious, we also commit to continuously give them delightful reasons to rise and shine, and head to their favorite Chowking store everyday,” shared Cham

Chowking is proud to have grown to 439 stores nationwide, with over 300 stores offering its breakfast line every day.

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