Show your love with Taco Bell’s It’s A Date! Meal for 2 promo

Friday, February 12, 2016

Want to seal a romantic deal as soon as possible? Taco Bell suggests to do it over tacos for two, and plenty more! With the “It’s A Date! Meal for 2” promo, you and your special someone can enjoy your favorite dishes from the world’s leading taco food chain at a price that’s sure to send your hearts, tastebuds and even wallets soaring. 

Savor two Crunchy Tacos filled to overflowing, just like your hearts’ feelings for one another. Spice up your conversation with two barbecue Nachos. Couple these with the shared velvety goodness of a Cheese Quesadilla. Finally, relish the sweet ending to your meal by enjoying a Chocodilla with Nutella together. 

On top of that, each “It’s A Date! Meal for 2” also comes with two 16 ounce drinks of your choice. Order this romantic meal for a steal, at only P299.

Let the flavorful dishes of “It’s A Date! Meal for 2” express how you “love más” all throughout the month of February. Take your loved one to any Taco Bell outlet at Gateway, Trinoma and Alabang Town Center for a Valentine’s date to remember! 

Learn more about the “It’s A Date! Meal for 2” promotion, and try other delectable treats that you’re sure to love only at Taco Bell! 

Visit the official website at, or check out their official Facebook page at, the Instagram account @TacoBellPHL, and the hash tag #TacoBellPHL across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I kind of miss Taco Bell. I usually go there, when in the US, late at night when all the Tex-Mex restaurants are closed or when I'm in a hurry and want a burrito. I live in Samar (Calbayog City) and we do not have a Taco Bell here. I wish they would get one here though. We have a brand new mall going up so maybe they will decided to try a store in there. I'm going to send them a note to let them know. That's for posting this story, it reminded me about Taco Bell (I haven't seen one in like 2 years) and about the fact that I should contact them.