Meet Tinay & Chiechie in Little Nanay: Happy lang!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Little Nanay has been one of my family's favorite teleserye on primetime even before when it was in the afternoon slot. The story is quite unique, Directed by Ricky Davao, the evening soap tells the story of Tinay, played by Bernal, a 25-year-old who has an intellectual ability of a nine-year-old kid.

Amid her difficulties in life, Tinay is supported by her grandparents, played by seasoned actor Bembol Roco and Superstar Nora Aunor. There's been a lot of struggles to the Batongbuhay family but true to their motto, "Happy lang!", they made it possible to treat everyday to be a happy episode for them all. 

Bloggers got the chance to interview some of the stars in the hit primetime teleserye Little Nanay, starting off with Renz Fernandez as Atty. Gerald Cruz and Starstruck Season 6 Top 6 Jay Arcilla as Reggie Cubrador.

According to Renz who is being rumored to be courting Kris Bernal, his role gave him a chance to experiment more on serious role since it was his first role as an Attorney. He is quite fascinated with Chlaui because at a young age she is very serious and hardworking. 

Jay Arcilla on the otherhand said that he feels really blessed and thankful to GMA 7 because he got the very first project even way ahead of his batch mates in Starstruck season 6. 
It was truly a memorable experience working with the biggest stars including Ms. Nora Aunor and even opposite Kris Bernal. He added that this show gave him a lot of first experience and also made him want to be a much better actor so that he will not 
let his co-actors down. 

Another interview we had is with Mark Herras and Juancho Trivino. Mark Herras is Peter Parker Batongbuhay - The oldest kuya of Tinay and also the oldest tito of Chiechie in the Batongbuhay family.  He is one of the Batongbuhays who trust Archie less along with Lola Annie than the two who trust Archie more. But after the Batongbuhays have known Archie and his Beatrice are back in a relationship they do not trust him anymore. Mark said that Peter is the strict one, the one who is overprotective over Tinay and ChieChie. 

Juancho Trivino is Bruce Wayne Batongbuhay - The youngest kuya of Tinay and also the youngest tito of Chiechie in the Batongbuhay family. He is one of the Batongbuhays who trust Archie more along with Lolo Berto than the two who trust Archie less but trust Archie more than Lolo Berto. But after the Batongbuhays have known Archie and Beatrice are back in a relationship they do not trust him anymore although he is not that strict with Tinay since he wanted her to be happy all time to the point of not thinking of the circumstances in the end. 

Both Mark and Juancho said that their character also plays a big role in Tinay and ChieChie's life because they maintain the balance of how to treat both of them equally. Both of them share how a typical "kuya" would take care of their sibling, much more a sister and with a delicate condition like Tinay have. It was both a challenge for them to play their role perfectly since they know, it's also one way of being a role model to the viewers. 

Chlaui Malayao plays the role of ChieChie, the daughter of Tinay. Chlaui said during the interview that she's very close to Kris Bernal and during their taping, when they're not doing anything, they would do a lot of bonding and would joke around in the set. They also love to eat and play games. She added that she received a lot of gift last Christmas from her co-actors. Even though she is busy with her taping, Chalui is also studying and takes it very seriously as well. She also has a tutor so that when she miss a class, she would still know what her lessons are in a particular subject. Chlaui said that working with M.s Nora Aunor is really fun because she is very nice to her. She added that she is happy that a lot of people recognize her as ChieChie and she doesn;t mind that more people know her with her character than her real name because it also means that a lot of people watch their show.

Kris Bernal has been a versatile actress ever since she became part of the Startruck Season 4. She has done a lot of teleseryes and has done several projects with her long time love team Aljur Abrenica. Her last project was with Dennis Trillo and Rocco Nacino "Hiram Na Alaala". 
Now back in the teleserye scene, she is armed with a challenging role that she is doing really really well. 

Kris  thanked the writers of the series, her co-stars and Direk Ricky for being patient with her. The actress said the project made her appreciate her craft more.

"Nanood talaga ako ng movies na related sa character ko, inalam ko din yung intellectual disability. Nagkaroon din kami ng immersion and nagpunta din talaga ako sa SpEd (Special Education) school at nakakita din ako ng patients talaga na may ganitong condition," she said. "Inaral ko talaga yung character and humingi talaga ako ng guidance with my director sa kung anong acting ang dapat sa role ko."

Bernal also said that it helps when she's working opposite top caliber actors in the industry because she tends not to get comfortable in every scene.

She is still in awe working with Roco, Aunor and veteran actor Eddie Garcia.
"Hindi ko akalain na makakatrabaho ko sila Ms. Nora Aunor. Pinapanood ko lang dati sila Sir Eddie, si Tito Bembol, si Ate Shine (Dizon), sila Ate Gladys (Reyes). Hindi ko lang talaga akalain na ngayon kasama ko na sila," Bernal said.

When it comes to her lovelife, Kris admitted that Renz is courting her and she finds him really sweet and nice. Right now, she is still focused on her craft and she's been single for quite some time now since it was really her choice because she didn't got the chance to move on that quick on her last break up which is why she needed more time to herself. Given the time, she would also love to enroll in a culinary school in the future so that she would know how to cook and bake.  She is thankful to those who are glued watching Little Nanay and thankful to the netizens who keeps on tweeting and making them trend as well on social media. 

Gladys Reyes is also around during our set visit who plays Vivian San Pedro,
 the mother of Archie.

It was also an honor to meet the one and only Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor who plays Lolay Annie Batongbuhay. 

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