Ruru Madrid & Gabbi Garcia Celebrated their Birthday at House of Refuge

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ruru Madrid celebrated his birthday last December 4 while Gabbi Garcia on the other hand celebrated her birthday last December 2. One perfect reason why they get along so well is because they celebrate their respective birthdays on the same month, plus they've known each other really well after doing consecutive projects together.

Last December 8, Gabbi and Ruru or better known as "GabRu" as a love team celebrated their birthday at House of Refuge in Quezon City. The event was hosted by GMA Artist Center star Arianne Bautista.

The kids were all very excited to spend time with Ruru and Gabbi. The program started with a song number from GabRu then the much awaited parlor games for the kids where they won prizes. They were all game to showcase their talents when it comes to singing and dancing. One even sung just like Justin Bieber.

The kids who stay at House of Refuge even gave a dance performance for the birthday duo. This time around, it was Gabbi and Ruru's turn to share their blessings to the kids at House of Refuge. They all received presents from the sponsors who helped make the birthday event possible.

They were given a plaque of recognition for celebrating their birthday at House of Refuge.

After doing projects together like My Destiny and Let the Love Begin, it's poerfectly obvious that the management is trying to pair Gabbi and Ruru to different artists, their loyals fans were pretty much affected but both Gabbi and Ruru assured their fans that this is just a stage where they needed to be honed as an artist individually. Gabbi said thatshe felt sad because she missed working with Ruru, she even joked Ruru that "sino ba nag-iwan sa ere?" although it was just a joke, Gabbi added that she supports Ruru in all his endeavors. 

Ruru on the other hand said that he truly miss working with Gabbi because they are that close. In fact, on their birthday charity, Ruru gave her his gift for their birthday and it was a Pandora bracelet, while Gabbi gave him a bag so that he can use it whenever he works out. 

Gabbi said that this transition in their love team is a sad news but also can help her as an individual to make her own name in the industry. She added that Ruru has established his name way back, in her case, she wants to hone her skills when it comes to hosting and also doing versatile roles. 

While Ruru is busy with The Half Sisters, Gabbi is part of Wowowin. Both of them added that they continue taking workshop to enhance their acting and other skills. They feel really blessed because GMA Network continuously give them projects since they stared in the showbiz. Ruru started out in Protege while Gabbi auditioned for the next batch of artist for GMA Artist Center. Now that they're not doing a project together, how do they stay close? They told us that since their families are close, they also make it a point that they update each other, they go out when they are not busy.

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