Mark Herras & Mike Tan Celebrated their Birthday at Kaisahang Buhay Foundation with Single Moms

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mike Tan and Mark Herras, two of the most talented Kapuso stars, celebrated their birthday at Kaisahang Buhay Foundation with young ladies who are also single moms. 

Both Mark and Mike felt really privileged and blessed to be given a chance to spend their birthdays with these strong and vibrant young spirits. Most of the ladies who stays at the welfare of Kaisahang Buhay Foundation age range were 12-18 years old. The youngest who gave birth was 12 years old and right now, 3 years after, she is a top student in the school and also really good in English. According to the head of the foundation, they help them build their dreams and also their future. Having a baby doesn't stop them with their growth but also helps them to be ready for the future not only for themselves but also for their baby.

Mike Tan will turn 29 years old this coming December 31. He said, he is not used to celebrating his birthday because since his birthday is New Year's Eve and most of the people are busy preparing for New Year. He doesn't mind as well because he feels just as blessed with or without celebration. He added that he is not materialistic as well, he's not the type who always looks forward receiving gifts on his birthday although he rewards himself from time to time too.

Mike Tan was a part of The Rich Man's Daughter, My Faithful Husband and also Destiny Rose. He is gearing up for a movie next year. He was also a part of the movie "No Boyfriend Since Birth" with Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. He said since he is now 29 years old, he wishes that he can do more challenging roles this coming year. He would love to challenge himself more to do different roles because he knows he can do it. Now that he has free time, he would love to do mountain climbing during his free time since he became busy when he joined Aquathlon. 

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Mark Herras will turn 28 years on December 14. He said that 2015 is his year. One of the reasons he said that he is blessed is because of Ada, his daughter. According to Mark, ever since he admitted that he is already a Dad, his blessings kept pouring in. Ada is one of the greatest gift he has ever received and even though Mark and the Mom of Ada are not together, they make it sure that they spend quality time for Ada.

Mark said that he salutes the ladies who were at the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation because they are brave to raise their babies even though the father is not there. He said that he can't imagine himself abandoning his child which is why he wants to work hard so that Ada will have a bright future. Right now, even though he is busy, he makes it a point that he bonds with Ada, they play together and also go out as well. When asked if he will allow Ada to enter showbiz, he said for as long as he will finish his studies, that's okay but for now, no.

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Don't miss Mike Tan's upcoming project this 2016! While you can catch Mark Herras via Little Nanay weekdays via GMA Telebabad and Dangwa weekdays before Princess in the Palace, GMA Network. He will also have another teleserye "Wish I May" next year with Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix. 

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