Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort: A Place For Laid Back Beach Experience

Monday, December 14, 2015

I recently went to Camotes Island, Cebu last October 2015 and we stayed at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort. I must say after traveling to Cebu about 4 years ago when I went to Bantayan Island, I think Cebu is really the place to be if we're talking about having the beach on your own. This is what I experienced again when we stayed at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort in Camotes Island, Cebu.

Legend has it that Spaniards who arrived here came upon some natives farming. When asked what the island’s name was, the natives replied “camotes” (sweet potatoes), thinking they were being asked what they were harvesting. This is just one of the charming things about the Camotes Islands.

The Camotes Islands are made up of the islands of Pacjian, Ponson, Poro and Tulang. Collectively, they are called “The Lost Horizon in the South” because of their unspoiled beauty. 

So, while waiting for our check in time which is 2 in the afternoon, this is my photo op at their main lobby. We booked our stay at Mangodlong a few months back via Agoda which I really recommend because it's hassle free.

This is the hallway to the rooms and the sala where we stay while waiting for breakfast.

This is our De Luxe room at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort and I super love it. It's very spacious and the bed is really comfy. The room also includes a mini ref which is perfect because we can store there some of our drinks. My favorite part whenever I check in to hotels is the bathroom, our bathroom is just as good with hot and cold shower and also spacious area for you to change your clothes.

One of the reasons why I recommend Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is because I super love their infinity pool and the view. Check out how relaxing the view is. I can stay here forever. Even dipping at this pool can make you totally forget about your problems and worries back in Manila or where you came from. 

I love how they filled the area with coconut trees. Plus, there's a lot of seats and lounge areas everywhere where you can sit down, sleep and just admire the place around you.

Now, this is what the beach front looks like. Pristine white sand and crystal clear water, I don't know how long I stayed swimming but I really enjoyed my quiet time at the beach because as you can see, we're the only one there. I enjoyed how private the resort is, no loud people around to ruin your holiday, yes, this is solitude at its finest.

Now if you're feeling hungry, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort offers the best food in town via their Bamboo Restaurant. 

 If you're wondering why ity's called Bamboo Restaurant, simply because it is made with bamboo. The surroundings makes you feel that you really are in the province, but once you tasted what they've got to offer, you will truly wish you're staying there for good.

So this is what we ate at the Breakfast Buffet, I super love the food! I'm a rice person and every morning I was raised by a family who eats fried rice every morning to jump start our day and just the same even though I'm not at home, I look forward doing the same habbit when I travel. Bamboo Restaurant offers wide variety of dishes from Filipino food to Asian and more. This is why some of the Foreign visitors at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort kept coming back at the place because of the food. 

For dinner, these is what we have for two consecutive nights:
 Margarita Pizza
Pineapple Juice
 Chocolate Shake
 Seafood Pasta

Now, the food is a bit pricey yes but that is expected since the resort is part of a remote island. Plus, it is worth it since the food is really sumptuous. This is good for sharing already.

This is Bamboo Restaurant at night. 

All in all I truly enjoyed my stay at Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort, after Bantayan Island, this is second to my list among the best beaches in the Philippines. The best laid back experience at the beach that I experienced so far. A place where I can take a book and read it from front to cover without anyone disturbing me or sleeping at the lounge area under the blue sky without hearing any boisterous laughter or pumping sounds or if you just want to stare at the night sky filled with stars, this is the place to be.


To get to Camotes Island, travel 1.5 - 2 hours by land from Cebu City proper to Danao Port.

From Danao Port, there is a Ro-Ro vessel (Jomalia Shipping) going to Consuelo Port in Camotes Island. Travel time by boat is approximately two hours.

One can choose to travel by public bus (take the north-bound Ceres bus from the North Bus terminal in Reclamation Area Cebu) or take a private transport.

Private vehicles may be parked overnight at the Danao pier for a fee of approximately PhP 300 per night. 

For those who wish to take their vehicle to Camotes Island, you may arrange with the ticketing booth at the port upon arrival. Rate is approximately PhP 1,200 per vehicle per way.


*Rates may change without prior notice

Car - PhP 1,000 per car per way; PhP 2,000 roundtrip
Van - PhP 2,000 per van per way; PhP 4,000 roundtrip 

Non-aircon: PhP 180 per person per way
Aircon: PhP 200 per person per way 
Contact us if you wish to book the tickets in advance and avoid the lines. 
Service charge may apply.

*Schedule below may change without prior notice
5:30AM, 8:30AM, 11AM
2PM, 5:30PM
5:30AM, 9AM
1PM, 3PM, 5PM

I'll be posting my experience at the Tourist Spots at Camotes Island soon!
Hope you'll visit Camotes Island in Cebu City as well! Let's explore our very own country and boost our Tourism too! Don't be a stranger in your native land, travel while 
you're YOUNG!

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