Ina Feleo Celebrated her Birthday at Blessed Home Care Facility

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Most of us didn't know that the talented actress Ina Feleo is the daughter of the award winning actor Johnny Delgado and another award winning director and actress Laurice Guillen. She recently celebrated her birthday with the elders at Blessed Home Care Facility.
This was not her first time to do a charity birthday, in fact every year she looks forward on doing something remarkable on her birthday and she feels blessed that she gets to do it again this year with the elders.

The event was hosted by Tess Bomb and according to Ina, it was the perfect set up for her birthday because she is really close with the elders. When her father is still alive, they make it sure that they spend quality time with him and they took very good care of him during those hard times. 

It was a fun filled afternnon for the elders of Blessed Home Care Facility as they played games with the birthday celebrant Ina like Bring Me and even sing some of their favorite songs with her. 

Even if it was Ina's birthday, she celebrated by sharing her blessings to others. She gave gifts to everyone and even took selfie photos with them as well.

During our interview with the birthday girl she said that she is set on achieving her goals. 
They recently went on a European trip together with her sister Anna Feleo and Mom, it was the best bonding experience for her and she did missed her dad because they've been planning this trip for quite some time. She added that because of this time, she became more focused on how to achieve her dreams. From figure skating to dancing to writing to acting, for a talent like Ina Feleo, the world is her stage – or, in this case, her silver screen.

Despite having two veteran actors and filmmakers – Johnny Delgado and Laurice Guillen – for parents, Ina still stays grounded. “I didn’t know that my parents were famous,” she shares on growing up. “I just knew what their job was.” She adds that she and her sister Ana would often stay up late waiting for their parents, who would work late hours on set. “Lagi akong may tantrums dati kasi hinahanap ko si mommy.” It was only later on, when she was old enough to recognize who’s who in the industry, that she started to get star struck when meeting her parents’ friends and colleagues.

Being the daughter of two veterans in the film industry, it is inevitable for Ina to be compared to her parents. “Before, sobrang lakas ng pressure,” she confides. She adds that now, she has come to terms with the pressure. “People can’t help but expect,” she adds, joking that if it was the other way around, she would expect much from someone like her as well. Now, she says, she handles the pressure more constructively. “Mas nagpapa-pressure ako sa sarili ko.” Ina adds that both she and her parents have come to realize that she has her own style, her own brand of acting. This was affirmed by her win as best actress in the 2007 Cinemalaya film festival.

She looks forward into doing more challenging projects this coming 2016 and she will have an upcoming teleserye via GMA Network soon so watch out for it.

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