Haunted Mansion is the Ultimate scarefest movie this #MMFF2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bloggers got the chance to have an intimate interview with the star of Regal Films latest offering in this year's Metro Manila Film Fest entitled "Haunted Mansion" with no less than Janella Salvador which is considered as one of the brightest star of today together with the King of Horror Films here in the country Direk Jun Robles Lana.

During the interview, Direk Jun praised Janella for giving her very best in the film. He added that  Janella is indeed one of the most promising stars of today and she is very professional when it comes to her projects. Janella got a very challenging role for Haunted Mansion and Direk Jun said that you can truly see how Janella prepared for this role, doing a Horror movie is not a joke, there are a lot of raw emotions needed to make it more haunting and scary so that the audience will appreciate it more and Janella gave her 100%.

Janella Salvador said that this project is a dream come true. There's a lot of first in this project like first movie, first MMFF entry, first experience to be part of the MMFF parade and she thanks Regal Films for trusting her for this big role which in fact is also a lead role for her. Janella mentioned that the most remarkable scene for her in the movie is the last scene of the movie because it is physically draining. She added that most of her co-stars experienced something really scary while shooting the film but luckily she didn't experience any, before she did the role she prayed a lot and ask for guidance that she can do this role perfectly and that nothing will harm them while doing so.

Direk Jun said that it is really important to find a perfect location if you're shooting a Horror movie, it is one of the important factors to consider when filming a Horror movie. They shoot the movie at one of the Marcos Mansions and they did a lot of restorations just to fit the present time and the flashback scenes of the movie. It was a big effort and more struggles for the team while doing every scene since Direk Jun added, he is working with teens and the location is a bit hard to fix as well. They used different advanced technology so that the effects will make it more scarier like the ones they used for Amara and Lj Reyes's character.

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I've watched Haunted Mansion on its Premiere Night and honestly speaking it is a much scarier film compared to Shake Rattle & Roll last year. The effects were brilliantly created together with the sound effects. Janella's character named Ella has an unusual ability: she has a third eye that allows her to communicate with the dead. Although this is a cliche story, Janella did a great job with her role, I love the raw emotions and how scared she look in her eyes. 

The story evolves around a group of students who went to a mansion for a retreat not knowing that the mansion is haunted when mystical forces started contacting them and people started dying. This is horror at its finest, no sweet coating some scenes. I can just imagine how hard it is for the cast who are mostly teens to cope up with their roles especially the terrifying scenes. 

Direk Jun made it sure that there will be a lot of "gulat scenes" plus the creepy sounds and my favorite that never fails to scare me, the curtain and smoke scenes.

The flashback scene which will tell the story of Amara involves Iza Calzado and LJ Reyes who are sisters, former inhabitants of the mansion. Although there is no questioning about Iza, Lj and Joem's acting skills because they are really great actors, I love how the story telling unfolds and how it's also like telling a real story back then when rich families don't like any of their family member falling in love with someone that poor. Lj and Joem's story is sad and worth revenging. 

The computer-generated images are excellent. All of the ghosts look convincing and very, very frightening. I'm sure I got the goosebumps from the movie not from the cold temperature of the movie house, almost everyone is screaming as well. The cinematography and special effects are excellent, the flashback scenes are very impressive as well. 

This horror-suspense movie is one of the eight entries in the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival. Congrats Haunted Mansion for making it to the TOP 3 spot of the highest grossing MMFF entry on its first day of showing last December 25. 

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Don't miss HAUNTED MANSION still showing under Regal Films.

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