Derrick Monasterio Sings his Heart Out with New Single Give Me One More Chance

Friday, December 18, 2015

Derrick Monasterio will welcome 2016 with a jump start on his singing career. Most people known that the "tween star" alumnus can only act and dance but Derrick can offer more. This time around, aside from being busy with The Half Sister, Vampire ang Daddy Ko and also Dangwa for a week of episode, he is also busy promoting his new single 
"Give Me One More Chance".

 During our BlogCon with Derrick Monasterio, he revealed that his first love was really singing. Acting came as a plus factor for him and he made it a stepping stone so that he can also share his talent in singing. Now, he would love to showcase his forte in singing as well which is why this coming 2016, he is very excited with his upcoming album. This will be under GMA Records and since they're still working out about the songs and the whole package, Derrick has a lot of time to figure out what the album would turn out in the near future. Since his forte is more on the Ballad side, expert more love songs in his upcoming album. There will be original songs as well.

Aside from his new single "Give Me One More Chance" which will also be available on his upciming album, Derrcik wil, have a new teleserye soon this coming 2016 with Kapuso sweetheart Bea Binene "Ana Abandonada". According to Derrick it is another blessing for him and he is looking forward to this show since he will be working again with Bea which is a very good friend of him, they've worked together with different show already and even took part in Bea Binene's docu tv show in GMA News TV. Aside from this, Derrick is also one of Bea's 18 roses during her debut.

Derrick said he couldn't ask for more in terms of his career, he is very happy how GMA Network and GMA Artist Center is handling his career. He would love to do a movie soon even an indie film which he added is a trend nowadays. Asked if he is ready to do more mature roles and he said he is in fact he did a Karelasyon episode opposite Elizabeth Oropesa where they portray lovers. They even have a short kissing scene as well. Derrick said it was one of those moments that he is truly pressured and overwhelmed as well. It was a role that can test his versatility and he is game with that. He doesn't mind doing roles of that kind even showing some skin especially if it is needed in the movie or show. 

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