Meet Stephanie, Princess & Belle of Sassy Girls

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Filipino have been making waves especially when it comes to the music industry, this only shows how talented we really are. Just recently, an  ALL-girl vocal and dance group recently took home the Best Dance Single Award from the very first NDM Music Awards for their smash hot single "We Be Like," which was releases by Bellhaus Entertainment Inc. and produced by Francis “Kiko” Salazar and RB Kidwolf.

Meet Stephanie, Belle and Princess. Members of Sassy Girls.

Sassy Girls is composed of the inimitable and sensually talented trio of Belle (21), Stephanie (23), and Princess (23). This award-winning group was formed in 2013 by Bellhaus CEO, film and television director Jeffrey Tan. Since the group's formation, Sassy Girl has been performing non-stop around the country in countless corporate shows and special private events of top local and international institutions. 

Sassy Girls said that they don't mind the comparison with Mocha Girls since they've been in the industry for quite some time now and have already established their name. For Sassy Girls, they wanted to be known as a group who not only capitalize good looks and sexy bodies but also sheer talent in singing and dancing as well. They want to tap the wholesome side of everyone, not just the male population but also women, teens and even kids.

They added that it was really a remarkable event winning NDM Music Awards. Their song "We Be Like" is very dance able and once you get to see its music video, you might think they are foreign artists.  Their songs are very popish and can be really paired with amazing steps just like what they did on their music video.

We Be Like Music Video:

Sassy Girls has not done regular gigs, just special shows. Mostly, they perform on corporate shows. According to them, they don't perform and make the male population happy doing sexy stuffs on stage. Sassy Girls is known for their unique musicality and for the high-powered stage persona of its amazing members. They underwent strict workshops so that they can learn more about singing and dancing. This is just perfect since they'll be releasing a new album soon. They want to target a wide market which is why they are singing Pop songs and hopefully Ballads as well in the future. In terms of their dance steps, since one of the member came from EB Babes, they also collaborate with the steps but they also have their own choreographer. 

Sassy Girls performing LIVE:

Prior to "We Be Like," Sassy Girls releases two other hit single, "Bang Bang (To Your Heart)" and "Shiwakare." The official music videos of their three hits are all directed by Jeffrey Tan. The official music videos of "Bang Bang (To Your Heart)" and "We Be Like" premiered worldwide on Myx and has been receiving massive requests and airplay since they first aired and all three songs, have climbed the charts of Manila hottest radio stations. 

Sassy Girls' singles are available for download on iTunes,, Spotify, and other online stores worldwide. 

Sassy Girls is supported by Unisilver Time, Roy Queen, Mario d' Boro, Hairshaft Salon, Pepmaco Manufacturing Corp., makers of Champion Detergent Powder, and Peerless Lion Corp., makers of Systema Toothpaste.

For bookings and inquires contact Bellhaus Entertainment Inc. at (02)  7241254 and/or +63 916 709 7643 and +63 918 807 6467. For more information on Sassy Girls visit, follow Sassy Girls on Twitter at @sassygirlsph, Instagram at @sassy_girls_ph, and Like their Official Facebook Page, Sassy Girls Official. L 

Check out their official music videos by clicking on the following links:

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